Saturday, March 03, 2007

Harris Hill

Last night Danial and I went up to Harris Hill for an Emergency Meeting of the Junior Soaring Organization. It was called because of a Bill that was about to go before the NY legislature that was prohibit anyone below the age of seventeen to fly any kind of aircraft, which would obviously mean the end of the Junior Organization. The only basis was that like five years ago some crazy muslim fifteen year old crashed a plane into a building in FL. This was completely unrelated to the any knid of inaptitude because he was under seventeen, but because he was a suicidal muslim, and would have killed him self anyways. None the less, it was viewed as enough of an incident to ban junior aviation in NY (in NY everything is an opportunity to ban something).So, last night, we found our selves gathered on Harris Hill, the Soaring Capital of the Nation, to write our representatives in an attempt to stave off disaster. However, there was one technicality: the Bill was struck down Tuesday before it even came to the house. So the meeting ended up turning into more of an impromptu writing class/lecture on the way our legal system works, so that the next time this happens (it happens about every other year) we will be ready.... ;)

So I came back to the Efthimues House, where they had kindly invited me to stay the night as my sister was having a sleep over for her Birthday with about five or six other girls. We watched to Chronicles of Narnia extended addition and played Call of Duty I online.
So this morning I road home with the Cornfields who were going to our home to pick up the girls from Corning (they were all from corning, because we have hardly any friends who aren't, lol).

God Bless!

- drew


Anonymous said...

those cornfield people are scary....

Anonymous said...

Not nearly as scary as that single dude who hangs out with them. :^P