Friday, March 23, 2007


Yesterday the craziest thing happened....

We have known since just about forever that there are coyotes and packs of wild dogs roaming around our land; we've heard them at night, we've found the carcasses of the dear that they have shredded; a guy who hunts on our land killed one once and showed it to me, and there is even this guy who hunts on our neighbors land (that you can only reach by going through ours) that is convinced that they are still out there and he needs to kill them to protect us (which really annoys my Dad). But until yesterday we had never actually seen any.

I was down here in the basement doing something on this computer, when Isaac saw all these dogs come running across the field. They came all the way to our yard (which is surrounded on two sides by fields and forest on the other two) and stood on this big pile of boulders right next to our drive way, and they looked so dramatic and I'm so sad no one got a picture of it, but I have my camera all disassembled right now, and nobody else got theirs (although I told them to) until it was too late. But anyways they just stood there, at least even or eight of them, not too big, but vicious looking with pointy ears. I think they are actual a coyote straydog mix, because they weren't the typical coyote color. But at any rate, they were a big pack of vicious dogs.

And whats really scary is my sister had just walked down the road about four minutes before, and she could have been right in their path. And I have seen the deer that they have taken out, and its not a pretty picture at all!

So thats my story.

PS. The above video is of an opossum that I also saw yesterday.

- drew

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