Monday, March 05, 2007

A Big Thought

An interesting thought that I just had - Last night we watched Dead Man's Chest, and it came to the part where it shows Captain Sparrow, Will, and the ex-Commador fighting in the old Monastery on that Desert Island, and I thought, as I had before when I watched it that that couldn't be very realistic, because I didn't think that Westerners had been there long enough to have built, abandoned, and let something like that fall into ruins. Now, I know, it's a summer adventure movie... your not supposed to think that hard about it, I mean come on Andrew! But I do, so just hang on. Actually, as I thought about it, it dose make sense, because Pirates, I assume at least, is supposed to take place in the early 1700's. Now Columbus discovered (I know, I know, hardly any historians think that he did anymore, but that's to complex to go into here) in 1492, and the Spanish and Portuguese soon after began colonizing the 'New World' that means that in the year 1700, Europeans had already been there for two hundred years, plenty of time for somebody to build a Monastery, abandon... ect. have a sword fight on top of it. Now that was when I had my thought. Our nation has only been around for that amount of time (200 years). You see, the same amount of time that elapsed between Columbus and the time when Pirates is supposed to have happened.

And that led to this thought:

200 years is really such a short time! Just a little more than three average lifetimes. (ok, the average life was shorter then, but I'm thinking in terms of de now, Ok, so the average life span isn't even an important number because that isn't the age that most of us will live to, thats called the mode life expectancy, so whenever you here on some morning talk show that the average life expectancy has been raised to ___ "so thats the age that you can expect to live to", it's really a load of tripe; most of you reading this will actually live longer, probably, but I'm off the subject again). Now just think how much has happened in the last 200 years! Our entire history! 2 World Wars; Our revolution; the first practical application of a Republic, the end of the Slave trade, emancipation; communism; fascism the holocaust; Civil Rights; the Beatles; Napoleon, Napoleon Dynamite, Dynamite (after the guy, Mr. Nobel invented it, he used his money to establish); the Nobel Peace Prize; Einstein, Relativity; the Atomic Bomb and the ensuing, Atomic Age, the Computer Age, the Information Age (which we are in right now and the fact that you are reading this on the internet (probably) stands as testament to it); video games; electric lights; internal combustion; flight; REALLY BIG TV's; AND HATS, REALLY BIG ONES!

So I guess the fruit of this thought was that 200 hundred years was probably plenty of time to build a Monastery for them to have a sword fight on + Our place in the grand scheme of things, just think, the Children of Israel were held captive for 400 years!
But alas, our three heroes where now Rolling over and over in a disembodied water wheel, still fighting and being chased by hordes of nasty barnacle covered pirates, so my thought ended.

- drew


Anonymous said...

that. was a good post. in my [humble] opinion. i enjoyed it immensly.

yeah, our country is pretty dang great, eh? we only have the best consitution in the world...haha.

wow. 400 years. All part of God's plan. I wonder sometimes how much history there is that we just don't even know. I hope in heaven we can see God's plan as a single unbroken picture and how He used the world to accomplish it.

and i'm glad to know i'm not the only person who's mind wanders off into deep, random thoughts sparked by movies. (only sometimes i miss part of the plot because by the time i clue back in it's been several scenes. haha)

Anonymous said...

haha. now that we know our sanity is in question, it's all good since there's 2 of us. :)we just have to keep it off the records. or guys in white coats might come and try to fix us...

i'm not sure why i said humble but thanks for the reassurance. i guess it actually was more proud than if i had just left it out.
pride is a sneaky sin to deal with. it never really gets defeated.

Watson said...

lol good thinking even though you went lik a thousand place with it was very philosphical lol =D

Anonymous said...

These were most excellent thoughts!!! Very good thinking VanDrew... and very good point. 200 yrs really isn't very long, and remember that in Revelation it says we'll all live hundreds and hundreds of years under the reign of Jesus Christ... suggesting that when He comes, He'll eliminate industrial pollution, make people stop smoking, drug abuse, reinstate prohibition, get rid of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, ban Aspartame, um... and a bunch of other things people use to signficantly shorten their lifespan.

200 yrs? Pfft... ain't nothin'.