Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Syracuse NY, Crazy Sound System and REALLY Hot Wasabi

This past Saturday, my Dad and I got up at 4:45 AM to go to a trade show (or I did rather, as neither of the two alarms he set went off... ) We were on the road by five, and after a quick stop in Ithaca to get some pastries at the Ithaca Bakery (not to mention seeing all the hippies) arrived in Syracuse NY about 8:00. We then met with Adam, the Rep from Greenwood who flew out from Seattle WA to help with the show. This was the third day of the show, and it was really busy. Or at least thats what I thought, but Dad and Adam said that it was actually the slowest day yet, so it must have been absolutely insane on the other days! I talked to lots of people and it was a very successful show. After dismantling our booth in a record 13 minutes - and then waiting an hour for forklift service to get the stuff out, we were finally on our way, and man, I was tired.

So on the way back we stopped at this really great Chinese restaurant back in Ithaca where they had this great buffet. And I ate this a squid that looked just like the the one in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea accept it was small enough to eat in one bite (althoug I took several) and it tasted very good. Then I had and oyster, and I have always seen videos where people gulp those things down right off the shell, well, I took one look at the thing, and then took another, and you can see the, ahem, scat, dripping out of the thing. I ended up just picking at the oyster.... Then I had all a lot of great stuff of the more traditional, Americanized kind, and then some sushi that was really good, and I usually don't care so much for that, but this was really good (or maybe it just seemed that way after the oyster) and I tell you, I forgot how hot wasabi sauce is... wooooooooo baby, I can generally tolerate very hot things, and have a bit of a reputation for it, so I just loaded up on the stuff... wooooooo, it's not the actual burn on the mouth that got me, althoug that was bad, it's when your sinuses just say like "ok, we are not going to put up with this any more" and you feel this whole wave of tingling going through the inside of your head and lungs and you pretty much have to spit it out.

The next morning I had to play bass again, and was rather out of it until I got coffee, and even then, I was still rather out of it. And we have been banned from the stage again in the Highschool were we meet, so we were all down on the floor, which was weird, but kind of fun in some ways. Then we started having trouble with the sound... which is never fun. And we were using a percussion set with hand drums and a djembe, and the hand drums were quite, so to here them I had to turn them way up in the mix, but then the djembe was really loud, so whenever he hit it it like blew out my ears... so I had to turn it down, but then I couldn't hear the hand drums, so I had to turn it back up and well, you get the picture. And right at the end of the service when Mr. Snapp was praying and the guys in back did a sound check and there was this huge blast... and I didn't really ever understand why, but there was.

So the past couple of days Mattea and I have been trying to memorize this thing for ATTACC and it's four pages long (my part is about three quarters of it, since I'm the one being interrogated so to speak) and I only had like half of it memorized, so I had to do it with a script, but both of us had not had anytime to dramatize it at all hardly, and the judge didn't get the one joke that I attempted at all, although I thought it was pretty good. But she didn't. So it generally went pretty horribly, but it was mostly my fault for not starting work on it sooner with the volume of information and all (we clocked in an 11 and a half minutes).
So that was the last three days.

God Bless!

PS. Is anyone planning on going to see Amazing Grace when it hits theaters around here? Cuase I really want to as it's Christian, Stars the guy who is probably my fave actor, Ioan Gruffod and I probably didn't spell the right, is about my Ancestor (William Wilberforce) and in general just looks like and awsome movie. If you are maybe we could go together some time.

- drew


Anonymous said...

1. wasabi. haha. good stuff.

2. is wilberforce really your ancestor?

3. good movie, although not what i was expecting.

Andrew said...

Not directly linked (the wilber side of our family has not done a genealogy) but all of the Wilbers and Wilberforces did come from the same gruop originaly, but as people emigrated and stuff it changed, like some people dropped the force, and most people changed the spelling from er to ur (our family didn't, but now people are perpetualy misspelling it)

Anonymous said...

okay...i think i get what you're saying...

Anonymous said...

I really want to go see that movie... maybe we could get a whole group to go or something. I don't know when it comes to our theaters though...??