Monday, February 19, 2007

Sledding Party

Today I played bass in church and I didn't mess up!

And then we went to the E's after church to sled on their huge gigantic, titanic, colossal, gargantuan hill that is so steep that it's almost scary just to look over the edge (at least the first time you get there). And I should have a lot of cool video to post. And I think I'm going to be really sore tomorrow, from carrying people up that hill, and sprinting up that hill, and just being around that hill in general. And getting my face quite nearly frozen off a number of times, because the snow was powder and well more than a foot deep and it would just fly up and stick to your face when ever you went down.

God Bless!

note: this was copied from another forum where it was posted yesterday, explaining the date-day discrepancy.

- drew

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