Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Most Snow In Years!!!

Well last night we got into Mansfield and met Todd and Zack (some guys that do installs for my Dad) and one of them told me that we were going to get 22" of snow. I didn't really believe him, becuase I had only heard 6" and I was even more sure when we got home and it wasn't snowing.

Sanna greeted me when we came in, and I wonder if Babies always end names that have D's with U becuase after reading Dells blog it occered to me that that is exactaly what Sanna calls (Anu) and she was yelling it when I came in (after she said hit to dad) so when I got in they were just finishing Pride and Prejudice... and we ate spagettie.

So then I went to bed and at about 11 PM I looked out the window and it wasn't snowing at all. So this morning, you can imagine my astonished when I looked out and there was a foot of snow on the ground!!! And Zack was right becuase it's still coming down and we're supposed to get 15" more today!!!

- Anuuuuu!!!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. yeah... gabe calls dj dju... same with PJ. lol.

Anonymous said...