Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After Yesterday

It was Valentine's Day. And I was not depressed either! No, I had in fact had enough of depression over such matters and was on a bit of an up swing.

We hung out at the Slacks all day. And Jordan and I played guitar and watched Veggie Tales, and Dug a huge snow tunnel. Then we went home and My Dad and my Brother and I made supper for my Mom and sisters. And I grilled burgers outside (I assume you noticed the weather yesterday)! And my Dad bought a new set of plates that were shaped like hearts and it was a big hit.

Then, after taking note of the howling raging wind and huge snow drifts I decided that it would be a great night to watch The Day After Tomorrow. So I suggested that we invite the Slacks down as they had never seen it before. And to my relative surprise my parents said yes. So we watched it and had a good time, although Mrs. Slack who was still in her pajamas that evening (don't ask) fell asleep on the floor. The Day After Tomorrow is a very good movie by the way. Even in spite of the overused Leftist Dogma. And I actually heard some of you saying it was a depressing movie. How is it depressing? It's fast paced, and as far as the ending goes, the kid makes up with his father; gets the girl; and none of the main characters die! What's "depressing" about that?

I want answers!

- drew



Anonymous said...

It is depressing! It's like the end of the world... and what 'could' happen to all of us. It's so..... real. And right now, it even FEELS real.

Anonymous said...

i want my dad and brothers to read your blog.


Anonymous said...

I like that movie a lot, and it is not depressing.