Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chinese Fire Drill With Bedrooms

Well, I am slowly but surely recovering and can now eat just about anything that I could before. I'm very happy as bfore I was having to shred anything that was less jellatinous than a yogurt.

We have been overhualing our bedrooms, an activity that we participate in about every year and a half. It is actualy something like a Chinese fire drill, where a car stops and everyone gets out and changes seats, only with furnature and rooms. As people get bigger we need more space so to accomadate this need, we all switch rooms. This may not make very much sense, but it actualy seems to help, at least until a year or so later when wee feel the urgge to do it over again. At this point I have been in every bedroom in the house + the basment. In the new order I am in what used to be the library, namely: the loft. Althoug I don't as much space, it is my own room unlike before, and I have more privacy, which is good. So, once we get finished, are house should seem bigger. At least to us.

- drew

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overthinker said...

cool. it sounds interesting.

in our house there aren't enough rooms to switch. haha. and we paint ours every so often. the boys did their room last year.

so now technically it's the girls turn. only we don't even have the paint yet...