Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Quest

We had a great time at the quest! God used it to speak to me in so many ways and I was convicted of my passivity and encouraged about the future at the same time. It was awesome to hear so many great speakers. I especially enjoyed Pete Greesly form the UK. Speaking of the UK, there was this huge rivalry going on between the American and UK guys (at least on stage) Peter represnted the UK and the US was spoken for by CB (Cringe) at every session. of them always found something about the others culture to bash. And it culminated in CB, through a series of events that I shall not attempt to describe, because I couldn't do them justice, ending up on stage wearing a kilt... and absolutely nothing else, and a movie of Pete as a Christmas Elf!

It was also great to (for however short a time) be reacquainted with my old cherry hill friends the Daniels and I had a good time with the guys for the church (my Dad and his friends kept pressuring me into taking paparazzi shots of Pete, but other than that....)
So all in all it was a really awesome time.

- drew


Anonymous said...

Gosh... I'm jealous about you seeing cherryhill friends... but other than that... I'm pretty glad I wasn't there... I've heard horror stories. hahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

yeah, there were some things I don't think you would have apreciated very much... although you would have been able to say "purge!" a lot... : )