Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Eve and Birthday Party

The-night is-full of-holes
With-bullets-ripping-sky and-ink with-gold
They-twinkle-as-the-boys play-rock and-roll
At-least they-know!


Anonymous said...

dad saw the first pic and asked
'who's drinking the bear?'
'nooo it's sparkling grapejice'

I look like a little girl in that one with me and Tai... hahahaha.

THe one with Mrs. Slack is hilarious!!!

Andrew said...

hahaha, that's funny. I'm glad you explained it! I think that's usualy spelled beer, by the way ; )

I guess sort of. But I think it's a rather cute picture.

Anonymous said...


mrs. slack with a gun?! wow. looks like a blast.(i should move in with jordan)

joel sczebel said...

sweet blog....

sweet gun.....

Anonymous said...

nice gun! way to go siobhan. ;)

yeah, you're right andrew. it is a really cute photo of dell and tai.

Anonymous said...

uuum that was damaris.

not anonymous!