Monday, November 27, 2006


Yesturday we went to the Grace Church and met Damaris and Josiah. It was awsome to meet them and see what the Lord is doing in this area. It's funny when you've never actualy met someone (well, I guess they were at our church once, but I don't recall seeing them) but you sort of know them already. At any rate it was fun. Below are some more pictures from Tallahassee:

At the twenty somthingth floor of the Florida Capital. You can see for miles up there! My Uncle works here when it's in session.

Here we are at the Governers Club, possibly the nicest restoraunt I've ever eaten at.

My cousins; Jordan and Steven devouring smores.



Anonymous said...

nice pics. looks like fun.

it was nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. sounds like fun.
I'm hungry for a smore now/

sherlock said...

You do school online? me too.

i'm taking spanish (a must in florida :D) and technology (not so necissary).

bethany said...

I'm praying for you folks! hope you all get fully recovered!