Sunday, November 19, 2006


We are in North Carolina right now at our hotel. I think we're about a little over half way to Florida now. It was soooo fun this morning when we left. My Mom and Dad and Mattea and I spent the last couple of day's getting everything ready and none of the other guys new anything about it (there were so many close calls). So we told them that we had to get up early this morning because I was on the worship team (it was actual even to early for that, but they were to tired to really ask questions). First I ran down to my Grandparents to drop off some plants that I didn't want to die, ran back (nothing like the uphill sprint at 6:15 on a cold morning) and then we left. We drove as far as the normal spot we would turn off for church and then turned the other way. We then broke the news to them that we were actual going to Florida. Isaac squealed, Maryah said she had suspected something, and Misha cried.

So we have been traveling all day. I listened to music and occasional took videos of Misha (she's such a little actor; ) so that's pretty much it.

Talk to you guys later.

God Bless!

- drew


Anonymous said...

Misha cried? oh no!
Tell her I love her, and I miss her. lol.

sherlock said...

haha when will we see you?

Andrew said...

This comming Sunday, God willing.

Thanks Del, I'll tell her, although I think she's doing good now that we are in Florida.