Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Grand Scheem and Happy Blogday

T -12 hrs. in counting to the great buyout scheem begins.

And I believe that the one-year anniversery of this blog is about this time, so happy month blog!

See ya'll then.

* Added five minutes later.

It's off. It's all off! I thought we were crazy for wanting to get there at 8:00! It's 9:07 and there are already lines of people out in the freezing rain with umbrellas and toe warmers waiting for midnight, the next day! I think we are going to hear about deaths, or at least injuries from this!

- striderguy


Anonymous said...


so are you really coming to florida?

Anonymous said...

soo... bummer it was canceled (yes, I got your IM last night, I was in the middle of talking to soemone else and by the time I could have said anything you were gone (offline) and anyway, I had to go to bed! It was late and I had to get up at five.
Anyhoo, it's a dreary day, it needs to start snowing!

Andrew said...

Yes, we are really comming.

And snow will be great... just not while I'm in Florida, by the way, if any of you should somehow be talking to one of my siblings, don't talk about this, becuase they don't know it yet (and the moment they faind out, all life will stop until we leave)

Anonymous said...

that whole ps3 thing is crazy.

yeah, come visit! we love having visitors from other SGM churches. the greeting team will be thrilled. we haven't gotten many since summer ended.

when are you thinking of coming?

Anna.Victoria said... said that we would probably hear about injuries. So, in Connecticut, people actually got shot, and in NY somewhere, there was a riot and people had to go to the hospital!!! It made me kinda thankful that we didn't go...

mattea kiriel said...

we will (Lord wiliing) be at Grace church November 26th...can't wait!

Make sure to tell the weather man down there to let it be