Friday, October 20, 2006

Hunting and Mono

It's the Junior antlerless deer season in Pennsylvania, so yesturday morning I was out at about six thirty in the morning (it alway's amazes me how dark it still is then) I made a big circle around my Granpas, Neibors and our land. I saw about eight deer, and had my cross hairs on three. But all exept one were to small for me to care about and that one I only saw for about three seconds, when in ran out in front of me. It also turned out to have to fawns, so I was glad I didn't kill it. I got back to the house and started school.

Unfortunetly I may not get much more hunting in this season. I have had a cold that I couldn't get rid of for like three weeks, and so I went to the doctors this Tuesday and I learned from them yesturday (yes, right after I got done waking up early, walking miles in the weeds up to my waist and bumpy ground, and da da da, sprinting up hill carrying and heavy deer rifle and wearing combat boots) that I have Mono. That means I'm supposed to be doing things like, sleeping, resting, relaxing and sitting in front of the fire wearing corderoys and a sweater!

They call it the kissing sickness becuase people supposedly only get it from very close contact with people, but I haven't kissed anyone since I was like, heck, how long has it been? At the most I was four. And I think that's a little bit past the normal incubation period for mono ; ) Actualy I have researched it a bit and you can actualy somtimes catch it just freom touching things that others have touched... so I guess that myth is busted!

We think I probably got it durring the community fair weekend, since thats perfect timeing from when I started to get sick, not to mention it's the only time I've really been out other than church since then. They say it lasts four to eight weeks, and I'm hoping that since I know I've had it for three weeks already, I'll be over it soon, for now, I feel tired. I'm on a perscription now for the cold symptoms so they are almost gone, but I still feel really wiped out and almost faint some of the time.

Well, if you could pray that I'd recover quickly that would be great! : )

- drew


sherlock said...

I'm sorry, i hear mono is awfull. will pray you recover soon.

overthinker said...

wow. you've had mono for 3 weeks and were able to sprint uphill?!
the folks i know who had mono couldn't even get up if they wanted to. it's scary nonfun stuff.

i'll pray.

you shoulda heard celebration south...brent detwiler likes hunting too...haha.

Andrew said...

Well, I did feel pretty tired when I get back....

Brent Detwiler?

Anonymous said...

oh, maybe you dont know him..
well he's the SGM pastor who's provides oversight to the southern churches, india & the carribbean.

he spoke at upward and talked about watching his buckmaster or something like dvd's about hunting.

is that a good explanation?

Andrew said...

Good enough. : )

P.S. How do you land a job providing oversight to the carribean?

Anonymous said...

haha. i meant oversight to churches in the carribbean. {cuba, bahamas, and we're working with churches in haiti}.