Monday, October 16, 2006

Grapes and Lakes

Today we went grape picking up in the finger-lakes region. We got up early this morning to and piled into the Yukon and I drove up to Wegmans in NY where we were supposed to meet everybody. It turns out that a lot more people were comming than we originaly thought. So after getting everything coordinated we set off for the Weaver's viniard. We disembarked and got all the stuff ready, and after following Del over to play on the swing set (good times :), returned and took off into the fields. After a wrong turn and Del having to run a ways after our group (I tried to get them to stop : (, we finaly got there and started to grape (I guess I'll call it that).

First we picked Purple Concords, which are the kind red wine is made of. They were a bit scarce at first, but eventualy we found some good rows and were able to meet the quota. Next we moved over to the Green kind, whose official name I can't remember, but white wine and grape juice are made of. They were much more pletiful and we didn't have to spend long on them. After that my family went down the hill and met the Weavers who are really nice. They showed us the Italian juiceing equipment which was really cool (my mind goes back to the 20 hr. sessions we used to have to spend with our own little steamer).

After that we took off home (without really even saying goodbye to anyone : (, where we canned the juice.

Tis all for now.

God Bless!

- Vandrew


bethany said...

um.... a few comments:

1)on your last post- thats intersting, in always wondered why its considered unlucky.

2) i love grapes... and apple juice... and grape juice to but in contrast to the apple juice i don't like artificial grape where as i do like atrificial apple...

3) why didn't you say goodbye? (to everyone after grape picking)

4)i miss the fingerlakes. they are beautiful! I got to go flying over seneca lake the other day!

5)that's all

Andrew said...






Joy said...

Hahahahaha..... you make me laugh Beth. grapepicking sounds fun Drew.

Anonymous said...

Was lots of fun... lol.

sherlock said...