Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Comumuntiy Fair and Open House

Last Sunday was our Church's annual community fair! The "E - Team" came up from Covenant Fellowship and helped out. I was able to participate more this year than in the past because I got to stay at the Jurors house (you guys are the greatest!) which was a real blessing. That first night we stuffed a bunch of breakfast packets for the E-team to give out early the next morning. That morning after a brief orientation and time of worship we started off with a carwash which despite cool temperatures went really well. We washed over a hundred cars (or close to that) between our two locations. After that Jesse took Mattea and Jen and I up onto the hillside which is sort of the old part of Corning where we stuck invitations to the CF in a lot of doors. Next we went down where after a quick bite to eat we found some other members of the E-team giving away free drinks and snacks on Market Street.

That next day the community fair went really well. We had bad weather, but never the less, more people attended than I can ever remember before. Even some French people (well, I think they are actualy U.S. citizens, but they spoke French) that Delian and the rest of us invited on Market Street came out.

Church the next day was very good. The worship service was one of the best we have had. I was in CM for the message, but I assume that was good also. Afterwards I went home with my Parents whom I hadn't seen in a couple of days. I was glad to see them although this sort of thing always kid of makes me wish that I lived closer in afterwards. But I'm glad I was able to spend the weekend.

I did school this week. This Saturday was an open house at my Dads office. Mr. Polczinsky (I should probably leatn how to spell his name for sure now that he works with us), Mr. Mieklejohn (his too), Mr. Slack and Jordan were all there to help. It wasn't overly busy, but we still managed to sell a couple of stoves. I had been fighting a cold for a couple days and that afternoon it hit me full force. My eyes got more bloodshot than I remember them ever being and I couldn't think of anything but sleeping. That evening when the Slack kids stayed at our house it got worse. I started to have an ear infection and couldn't do much of anything. I was able to go to Church this morning, although if any of you got close to me (which not many of you did) you probably noticed my red eyes....

I think I'm on the down hill side of that now though... So another week tomorrow.

Hope it goes well for you all!

God bless!

- striderguy

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