Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It was the 2nd training session for Nicole at the Soul Works today. She's learned very fast and I think will soon be the one that makes most of them.

It was also my 2nd day of school today. I'm studying Ancient Egypt right now. It's the begining of the cycle for Tapestry of Grace and I think this is going to be one of the most interesting years since I have always enjoyed Ancient History.

It's getting colder out side and the leaves are starting to change very slightly. None the less, I am still refusing to start dressing like it (although I may very soon) and still go swimming. The good news is we will be getting a heat exchanger for the Omega soon so that we can heat our pool! (I think I almost gave my self an ear infection going it today) I think we may be the only people in the world (at least in this hemisphere) with an inflatable pool still up in October!

A lot stuff going on with the Church this week so I should see a lot of you guys. Hope your all doing well!

God Bless!

- drew


bethany said...

thanks andrew... it smells like fall and you gotta love it.. i have a funny story- alex and i were walking down the street the other day (the van got a flat a couple blocks from our house so we had to walk home) and we hear the crunch crunch of dead leaves, we looked down and you could've sworn it was late fall because there were so many leaves on the ground of fall colors. but the funny part is when we looked around there were absolutly no trees that were not completly green.... what a mystery huh?

Nicole said...

I love the fall! Fall and winter are my faves. I hate shorts, heat, and well, outdoors period, so fall and winter are AWESOME!!!! And you have to admit the smells of those seasons are great. Apples, pumpkin, spice.... mmmmm... okay, I have to clean. Thanks for training me Sensei, I shall miss you when I become independent!

Delian said...

I am looking outside and all I see is fall... fall... fall... fall... i want summer!!!! Anyhow, next summer will be here sooner then we know it! That'll be fun! hahaha.
Hurray for church things!!!

Andrew said...

I would love the fall if it weren't for school : ( I used to when I was little (it was my favorite Season) but then school got really hard and sort of sucked the joy out of it. Once I'm done with school I think I'll like it a lot though.

Right now, I like summer!

overthinker said...
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overthinker said...

ya'll want summer, hey? let me help you out with that problem. summer in sept. means:
1} your car gets up over 100 inside while you're at work. so when you leave, you burn your hands on the steering wheel. and your mints are melted.
2)stores put out fall clothes, yes. but when you've walked across a 95degree parking lot, the thought of wearing long sleeves is torture.
3}it means that green plants turn brown and crispy. (unless you get rain) it means that if a hurricane wipes out power, you will live in the closest building with AC...

help you any?
i'm not complaining, all those things have an upside. like spending less on clothes. realizing that cold starbucks is a gift from God. being able to surf without freezing.

so. if you enjoy your fall with it's colours, i'll enjoy my fall with it's sun...

Andrew said...

Melted mints, the horror! :O

No actualy your right, it isn't that bad this time of year around here. It's just when it gets to be to cold to use an ipod on walks (the earbuds wire gets so rigged its about impossible to use) that none of us are looking forward to.

PS. You surf?!

mattea kiriel said...

Once when Andrew and I were little, we used to have these competitions to see how long we could save our Olive Garden after-dinner mints. Well, he usually won because he tricked me into thinking that he had already eaten his. To get to the point, one day I was soooooo happy because I had (for real) saved my mint. After a while I TAKE IT OUT OF MY POCKET and-you guessed to-it had melted.


all well, there are, in fact, better things than after-dinner Olive Garden mints....LIKE SUMMER! And even that is melting (or rather freezing) away!

once again *sigh*

Anonymous said...

hahaha. that is very sad.
i love andes mints too, but those aren't the kind in my car.

what's the matter, you can't see me surfing? doesn't everybody in fl surf?

no, i'm not a surfer. boards are expensive. so i never got one as kid and i never will.
but i have friends that surf...