Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shrub Removal

Today my Dad took us all over to the office with him, since my Mom is still recovering from a dental procedure. The kids (well, I guess I would be considered a kid in some circles, but for simplicities sake I'll refer to my younger siblings as 'kids') went down and played at the creek that's behind the building, while I drove the truck and trailer with the skidsteer on board (my Dad was with me)up to the Polczinkies (man do they have the longest drive way ever!) to pick up the backhoe that we had left there.

When we got back to Mulberry Center (my Dads office) we (A contractor named Todd that works with us, his son Zack, my Dad and I) used the backhoe uproot all the shrubs that were growing around the building. Sanna was absolutely fascinated by the whole affair and we had quite a time keeping her from joining in herself! Eventually Mattea took her inside and I opened a window right in front of where we were so she could sit there and watch.

It all went rather well until it came to loading the last few plants on. These happened to be sumac, which is poisonous, only we didn't know that until after we handled it.... My Dad, Zack and I all ended up touching it (Todd somehow avoided it). By the time we drove home I had hundreds (or close to that many) of little red welts all over the back of my right hand and the underside of my left forearm. Fortunately, I wasn't affected to badly since there gone now. My Dad still has some though.

I was upset when my Mom looked at my schedule for the next month and found out that I was on for line duty both days of the weekend that the E team is hear, which really shouldn't happen, but it did. I sent out an email to the group to see if anyone can swap times with me (at any rate now it looks like I may be on once just about every weekend in October). If that doesn't work out then I guess I'll probably just skip, even if it means getting kicked out of the club... I don't want to miss the community fair.

Speaking of scheduling, I just got a jolt when I realized that I was on for both Ushers and worship tomorrow morning. I guess that's pretty much my fault though since I haven't been looking far enough ahead to tell them when I have conflicts, so I'll have to start getting the two things more synchronized.

PS. Damaris, I would try to see you as a surfer, except that I don't think that I've ever seen you before, so it's kind of hard to visualize. : )

- drew

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It was the 2nd training session for Nicole at the Soul Works today. She's learned very fast and I think will soon be the one that makes most of them.

It was also my 2nd day of school today. I'm studying Ancient Egypt right now. It's the begining of the cycle for Tapestry of Grace and I think this is going to be one of the most interesting years since I have always enjoyed Ancient History.

It's getting colder out side and the leaves are starting to change very slightly. None the less, I am still refusing to start dressing like it (although I may very soon) and still go swimming. The good news is we will be getting a heat exchanger for the Omega soon so that we can heat our pool! (I think I almost gave my self an ear infection going it today) I think we may be the only people in the world (at least in this hemisphere) with an inflatable pool still up in October!

A lot stuff going on with the Church this week so I should see a lot of you guys. Hope your all doing well!

God Bless!

- drew

Saturday, September 09, 2006

They Got Him

They caught Ralf "Bucky" Phillips yesterday evening on the PA state line, which is really good because the people I know were looking for him are safe now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Of Smoke Grenades, Freezing Water and Meat that Turns Red When Cooked

It was Sanna's Birthday today! Actualy, she dosn't turn two until Thursday I think, but we celebrated it today, not everybody could be there on the real one. We had the Grandparents over and Sanna was so exited! We got so many cute pictures of her opening presents and blowing out candles!

Today I had to clean the pool, which was crazy because it was so cold. But the remnants of Huricane Ernesto knocked a bunch of leaves into it, and my Dad was thinking that if we couldn't clean it out we would have to put it away for the season. So I jumped in and it was crazy cold! I started doing bobs, at which point my Dad stuck his hand in and remarked "that really is cold".

When my Dad and I were grilling the hot dogs and venison sausages for the party we were disturbed to see that after sausages had cooked for about the normal time (and been parboiled) they were still red on the inside. So we did the only thing we could think of: slit them down the center and put them back on the grill. After franticly trying to do that for a few minutes, I flipped one and saw that it was even more red than before! As it turns out, that kind of sausege does turn red on the inside as it cooks, so it turns out it was ok.

We ended up shooting off a couple of fireworks which has become sort of a tradition at our house, and nearly killed our selves (which is well on it's way to becoming tradition)! After several unsuccesful attempts to use a sparkler as a time delay fuse for one of the fire works, me Dad just lit one on fire and jammed it in the fuse hole. It worked. And my Dad got a burned hand. After that, I set off one of Derricks smoke grenade thingy's which was pretty cool.

Guess that's all!

Talk to you later!