Friday, August 25, 2006

Late August

The last few weeks of summer are upon us. I can't really say I'm looking forward to starting school again. But looking at where I was at this time last year, I've been reminded of Gods goodness in my life and in my whole family for that matter.

It's been a fairly typical week down hear (or up if your going by elevation). Not a lot going on, which is good for this time of year. I finished a very good book: Love in the Driest Season which is not as puffy as it sounds, on the contrarey really, it was quite stomach churning. It's the true story about an Amercan Couple in 1996-2000 trying to Adopt a little girl form Zimmbabwie, which is no easy feet.

My Dad went down to Hazelton this morning to help out some freinds who had been stranded there over night when there car broke down on the way back from vacation. Everything went fine, although I think it was a little crowded in the truck....

The Garden is doing well, another sign of the season. And I have been swimming a lot, which is not a normal sign of the season.

And we are beganing to have an electrical storm here. It's funny, I was just talking with Mr. St'. Angelo, and he said it was comming through up there and he had to get off. Now it (I assume it's the same front) is here. So I had better hurry up and post this before something happens! : )

Hope you all have a great week!

And feel free to leave any comments, snubbs, insults or downright ninja challanges in the comment box! ; )



Anonymous said...

this is a downright ninja challenge... you are on a rampage! lol.

Andrew said...

Hahaha, any time orange lily. : )

PS. Trust me, I was on a rampage last night, but this was not it!

Anonymous said...

well i can't think of any good snubbs or insults. and since i'm not a ninja...i guess this is just a boring comment.alas.

be grateful you're starting school again, and not having to figure out college/money/work/life.

((i don't agree with everybody who says "enjoy school cause you'll miss it" but i had to say some sort of "i'm-graduated-and-you're-not-wisdom". just for the hey of it. muahaha))

Andrew said...

Just 1 more year.

And I think "I'm-graduated-and-your-not-wisdom" is almost on par with a ninja challenge.; )

bethany said...

okay I've got some "I'm-not-yet-graduated-and-neither-are-you" wisdom - never eat yellow snow - hope you feel smart now... thanks for the comment, i spent an hour of medditation on your various questions and have come to these conclusions-

"So if I understand it, then what does that say about blonds?" -well it simply says that a blond should never eat watermelon while its raining in april.

"If niether of us understood, then what would that say about pizza?" well that is simple to, it says that you sould never feed toddlers pizza while in an airplane becasue all of their hair will fall out.

:) have a great day

Andrew said...


I'll keep all those in mind, especialy the one about yellow snow.