Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Week's of Vacation

It's the first nice day that we have really had this week down here. It was raining when I woke up this morning just as it has the past couple of day's. However, by the early afternoon the sun was beganing to show through and now it is almost completely sunny.

It's been a rather long and boring second to last week of Summer vacation, mostly because of the rain probably. I have managed to do some stuff outside though despite it.

I did make a lot of souls (jewlery) up at the barn yesterday.

Anything exiteing happened with all of you?



overthinker said...

you make jewelry??

fun times.
als is the best at making bead jewelry. she should SO sell it online.

that wasn't as random as it seemed.

Andrew said...

No it wasn't. : )

Yes, it's one of my Dads businesses. I just put it together, I don't really come up with the ideas (and artist does), so I don't really consider my self a "Jewelry Creator" but I do make it.

bethany said...

last day of true vacation for me! (weekend and labor day doesn't count)i think soul's are really cool looking. have a great day andrew