Monday, August 14, 2006

In State College

I'm in our hotel room in State College now. We just finished setting up at the Ag Progress Days and are going out to get some food now. It's the first day and I'm slready sore. And my Dad and I have both come to the conclusion that we are sick of heavy-duty trailer straps.

.......Ok, we are back now. So, Penn State is a really big school. Interstingly, my Dad just told me that it is at the exact center of the State, but according to a guy who owned a restoraunt he used to go to here when he was in College, it's actualy "the center of the Universe" ; )

It's going to be a rather big day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to put some of the sales training I got down in Lancaster last week to good use. Form a guy named German, who was from Austria, but that's a long story.

On the way back form there, my Dad let me drive the Pickup pulling the trailer. Now driving with a trailer on a highway isn't that bad on a highway. But then we went through Williamsport. My Dad was going to switch with me, but he decided that since there was only one real turn, it would be ok it for me to drive. It turned out there was construction and we ended up having to go through what seemed like about ten (it was probably about 5) intersections and and some on and off ramps and other crazy stuff, and I had never really gone through an intersection before, and now I had the trailer! However, I didn't destroy anything, so it turned out being really cool... although I was rather tired afterwords.



Delian said...

way to go Drew!!! I would have been a bit scared I think. lol.

Nicole said...

When will you get back home?

Tai Sophia said...

Fun stuff, that!
People keep calling for your dad and HE'S NOT HERE!!!

Andrew said...