Sunday, July 02, 2006

This Weekend

I had a rather frusterating week what with trying to abtain a learners permit and all (our backward little permit office is only open one day a week). Then I went up to Harris Hill in hopes of being able to fly, or at least help out, but alas!, they had everyone they needed and the flight instructor was sick! My Dad let me drive almost all the way home though, which was great! It dawned on me how really the worst road all the way between Corning and our house is the one that our house is on... which is interesting....

Today after church had a picknick with the St. Clairs, the Slacks, the Snapps and Alex, and we played ultimate frisbe, although there were only about three people on each team... and I had a bruised knee from falling up the stairs this morning... which impaired my game (not to imply that its very good to began with).

Then we went up to the glen in hopes of seeing the Porshe Rally that's going on there (my Dad is a big fan of that, and it's my parents anniversery today...) only to be truned away at the gate with the words "not open to the public" can you believe that?!

After that, we invited the Cornfields over (Happy Birthday Del) she is sixteen now... not to imply in any way that she is not still young and foolish (sorry, I couldn't resist that line and I think your like the only one who reads this anyways;) Everyone was rather tired, at least most of the older people... so we mostly just moped around and had smores (aside from Del taking a quick loop abou the lane... And I think that some of your family members are giving you too hard a time about your driving Del... but then, I suppose being the oldest usualy means being given a hard time abou tmost things....), but it was still fun.



Delian said...

No... the younger kids in this house are going to have a harder time driving then me... I'll make sure of it. ;).

Good post. WHo are the SLacks?

Andrew said...

Hahaha... perhaps i shall follow suite! : )

The Slacks are a new family that was visting from the Orlando area, and, through a series of events to long to explain here, are thinking rather certainly that they are going to move up here.

mattea kiriel said...

They were a very nice couple and said that we could refer to them as the "Slackers"...hehehe.
Mr. Snapp answered by saying maybe after we knew them a little better.