Monday, July 10, 2006

History of the World Mega-Conference

Tomorrow we leave 5:00 am or so for Hampton Virginia where I am going to the first ever Histroy of the World Mega-Conference (which is something of an historic event in and of it's self... if you like History, that is.... I know, I know, I can be such a nerd when I feel like it ; ). It's being put on by Vision Forum and will be held at some convention center. Since it's pretty close to Virginia Beach, the rest of my family will be comming along, and I may just decide to miss a few speeches in order to go there with them ; ).

We will be leaving on Saturday at the latest (I think), which is the same day that the Snapps and Rawliegs get there, so there is very very slim possibilty that we may wave at eachother as they pass.

We should be back in Church this Sunday, and if theres wireless anywhere I'll post from Virginia. Otherwise see you then!

PS. Who did you say plays bass?



Anonymous said...

matt slackster.

as for thier possible moving, i talked to them about it and it's totally up in the air, and a secret. so don't spread it around too much ya'll, 'k?

Tai Sophia said...

Fun -fun! Yeah, I sure wish I was at the beach right now!!! I hope the conferences are goin' well!


...I won't even ask about who Matt Slackster is...

~Tai Kwan Do

Tai Sophia said...

Haha - I just read over you older post (which, in reality aren't that old) and they made me laugh!