Friday, July 28, 2006

Three Events

It has been a while since I posted and a good bit of stuff has happened, so I shall simply recall a few of them.

1. We had a caregroup pick-nick at our house and Derrick tempted fate more times than I have energy to recall with his crazy pyrotechnicueness. It started when a bunch of little kids were sitting around a fire having a happy time roasting marshmellows and talking about qaint things that little kids talk about. Then, Bang! Crackle! Bang! Pop! Crash! Hot coals, flames, five year olds, and an unfortunet Delian Cornfield were scattered through the air in all directions! What had happened? Mr. Juror had throun a handfull of something that's illegal in NY into the fire. From then on, it only escaleted and culminated with my Dad improvising a flamethrower and using it to send a large bundle of something else that's illegal in NY into the night sky!

2. The Troy Fair is going on. Iv'e been working there a good bit, and boy, some really scary people live around here. But I won't go into that. Iv'e been working at the ThisWarmHouse (se the link in my link section) booth and it has gone rather well. Between talking to customers, I have managed to, eat a funnle cake, listen to Click 5 (a semi-local boy band) perform, eat a blooming onion, listen to about five hundred teenage girls scream at the top on their lungs as Click 5 performed, drink a lot of lemonade, oh, and read a criticaly acclaimed book on the African AIDs Orphan Crisis.

3. Since my last post War has broken out in Lebanon, Isreal and is threatening to consume the rest of the Middle-East. Thank you.

PS. Feel free to continue the comment line from my last post. It was fun.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Arrest that man, He's talking about John Calvin!"

The Conference was phenomonal! I spent nearly all of my time at it listening to upwards of eight hours of lectures a day. And I learned a lot. The building the conference in was amazing... some sort of wacked out modern architiecture... at any rate, it was cool. The hotel was sweet too and they had the best breakfasts! I ate breakfast every morning, which is unusual for me. The only down side is I never got to go to the beach.

On the one day that I had an afternoon off, I went with my family to see my Dads old house in Virginia Beach. That was fun because even he hadn't seen it in like 35 years or something like that.

While we were in VA Beach a lot of other people where going on tours of Williams Burg. While Doug Phillips was giving a lecture on the influence of John Calvin on our history, this, aparently crazy (aperently) guy came up and started swearing at him and trying to argue with him. Then he went over to some policemen who were near by and said, and I quote: "Arrest that man, He's talking about John Calvin!". Can you beleive that! That's actualy what happened!

There is probably more I could talk about, but I have to get ready to go, so see you later!


Monday, July 10, 2006

History of the World Mega-Conference

Tomorrow we leave 5:00 am or so for Hampton Virginia where I am going to the first ever Histroy of the World Mega-Conference (which is something of an historic event in and of it's self... if you like History, that is.... I know, I know, I can be such a nerd when I feel like it ; ). It's being put on by Vision Forum and will be held at some convention center. Since it's pretty close to Virginia Beach, the rest of my family will be comming along, and I may just decide to miss a few speeches in order to go there with them ; ).

We will be leaving on Saturday at the latest (I think), which is the same day that the Snapps and Rawliegs get there, so there is very very slim possibilty that we may wave at eachother as they pass.

We should be back in Church this Sunday, and if theres wireless anywhere I'll post from Virginia. Otherwise see you then!

PS. Who did you say plays bass?


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Not Much

Not much has happened since my last post.

I'm going to Harris Hill today.

We leave for Virginia this next week.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

This Weekend

I had a rather frusterating week what with trying to abtain a learners permit and all (our backward little permit office is only open one day a week). Then I went up to Harris Hill in hopes of being able to fly, or at least help out, but alas!, they had everyone they needed and the flight instructor was sick! My Dad let me drive almost all the way home though, which was great! It dawned on me how really the worst road all the way between Corning and our house is the one that our house is on... which is interesting....

Today after church had a picknick with the St. Clairs, the Slacks, the Snapps and Alex, and we played ultimate frisbe, although there were only about three people on each team... and I had a bruised knee from falling up the stairs this morning... which impaired my game (not to imply that its very good to began with).

Then we went up to the glen in hopes of seeing the Porshe Rally that's going on there (my Dad is a big fan of that, and it's my parents anniversery today...) only to be truned away at the gate with the words "not open to the public" can you believe that?!

After that, we invited the Cornfields over (Happy Birthday Del) she is sixteen now... not to imply in any way that she is not still young and foolish (sorry, I couldn't resist that line and I think your like the only one who reads this anyways;) Everyone was rather tired, at least most of the older people... so we mostly just moped around and had smores (aside from Del taking a quick loop abou the lane... And I think that some of your family members are giving you too hard a time about your driving Del... but then, I suppose being the oldest usualy means being given a hard time abou tmost things....), but it was still fun.