Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pop Goes the Woodchuck

Got another woodchuck today. From my bedroom widnow this time. And it was another headshot. I didn't take any pictures this time (is that chearing I hear?).

That was fun at the Darrenkamps, eh. We took the Jurors to the PA Grand Canyon, and we drove like 60 mph down all these dirt roads all the way there, and we were in front, so you should have seen what the Jurors car looked like a afterwards!

Can't wait to have some of you guys over this Sunday!



Delian said...

I was cheering... yet I was also remembering how sickened I was by the last photos ;). hahaha... I want to go back down there so I can see the susnet... but it's so far away! aaahhh.

and their car is a mess!

Andrew said...

That's what I meant, cheering because of not having photos, not because I got the woodchuck. If you want to cheer because I got it, that's ok with me too.