Monday, May 01, 2006


Can you believe it guys. After all that running about in the field armed with base ball bats and and improvised flamethrowers, violateing safety zones, not to mention nearly setting a 25 acre field on fire, (the video should be out soon) I trot up the road, get that, just trot up the road (I was not road hunting mind you, and the field was our's, for and PGC informers who may be reading this), step over into the field, and get one the old fashioned way, with out any fuss! One shot kill too. And it was a big one, almost as tall as Sanna when it was all stretched out (Sanna failed to comprehend the gravity of the situation, and kept waveing at it and trying to say hi).

For a few more photos go to
I put them there since I didn't really want to make anybody see anything they'd rather not....

Well, I guess that's all, exept, Hail to all of yesterdays WOODCHUCK WACKERS!
We shall have to do it again some time.



Delian said...

I wish I coulda have been there for the wacking of the woodchucks... lol.

Delian said...

felt bad that you only had one comment... so here's another ;).
see you tomorrow at like eight o'clock in the morning 'blah'.

Andrew said...

Well, actually somebody else did comment, but they followed the link and left it on Blitzkrieg, but thanks.

Look forward to seeing you you too :), bright and early.... ;(

Delian said...

ahhhhhh... It's TOO EARLY!! Yes, I'm up waiting for PJ to get out of the bathroom so I can get in there to get ready for church!! I hate this one bathroom thing. ;).

I'm really tired.

Nicole said...

WOO HOO!!!! I wanna shoot one! Or at least something... I like guns now, I'm all about them. :)

djeror said...

You should make it a hat.

Anna.Victoria said...

JK....I think you should update now Drew!