Sunday, May 14, 2006

This Morning This Afternoon and This Summer

Good day at Church wasn't it. Worship was really good this morning and it was cool how Mr. Snapp invited the youth up to pray and thank God for their Mothers (all of you did such a great job!). And I got a lot of good notes on the sermon. The only catch is; it was the Mother's Day Message. So what am I going to do with them?! Give them to my Mom? That was my only regret; that my Mom couldn't be there for much of it since she was in CM this morning teaching.

I discovered a new and wonderful use for the patio my Dad and I built yesterday; a stage! It has an outlet so I can hook in amplifiers and the way it's situated against the house gives it some great acoustics for broadcasting what ever I play through the woods and out over the countryside! Not that there is anyone to hear it mind you, (which is probably a good thing ; ) but it's cool in principle. And I think it's big enough that you could just fit a full drum set on it too, not that I have one of those either mind you, (which is probably a good thing too) but it's a cool idea. So for now it's just my and my Aria, but it's fun anyways.

When we got home we had my Moms parents over and said happy Mother's day to my Grandma, and my Grandpa wants me to do some work for him this summer, which is going to be rather interesting since my dad already has a fairly substantial job ready for me this summer at his Mansfield Office (which means I'll probably be seeing you a good bit Tia, since I hear your working down there as well). I hope I can work there mostly instead of the Soul Works, because I like being there better. I guess I'll be working a bit grounding up at the Soaring field on Harris Hill too, which should be pretty fun since I'll be with the Efthimues and, eventualy,(in a couple weeks) I can start flying with an instructer.

So what did you think of Church this morning?



Delian said...

Church was totally awesome!!!! I LOVED IT! MOMS ROCK!!

mattea kiriel said...

You know how pirates get those tatoos that say "I love Mom"? well, I think I might get one of those......


Yeah, I wish Mom could have heard that sermon....but hey, I guess why they call it serving. (hehe)

Tai Sophia said...

Sunday was grand - we didn't really do anything like go out to eat, but my mom was happy to take a nap - lol!

What are you going to be doing at your dad's work, Drew?

Well, Rock On!


Andrew said...

Uh... you know that huge stack of firewood that covers like half the parking lot... well that's it.

; )

Well, actualy first I'm going to be waxing the trucks (all two of them) which should take a couple days.