Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Events in the Life of an Unsocialized Guitarist

Played my electric for the first time this evening, at YSOS that is. I think it went pretty well and I was glad to see Beth playing bass for, what is to my knowlege, the first time ever! Rock on Beth! I have now decided that electric guitar is almost to much fun. I think in some ways its actualy easier than bass, since you don't have to keep the rythum going so much, then on the other hand, its a lot more complicated, so maybe its just me, because I struggle with rythum. And Del said that I have a Hot Guitar, I hadn't really thought of it in that light before, since I would general think of hot as being a brighter red, but to them that's theirs (at least it is well liked).

Saw a bear tonight! We got out of the car, and my Dad almost ran into it! We ended up chasing ti across the yard and into the field, whence we lost sight of it. Alas, I was able to get no pictures of this one, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Evaluations are comming up next week and I'm working really hard to get ready.

I haven't watched the news since like forever and I feel deprived because of that.

And I'm really, really bad at sports. It dawns on me every year about this time that I really, really suck at just about anything that would be considered sports. I suppose its because I have never had anyone around here to play with on a regular bases, so perhaps I can change, but it means rewriting a lot of history and I don't know.

It's getting rather late, so goodby.



bethany said...

hehehe it was indeed my first!
we don't have final exams till the second week in june (not sure if thats a blessing or a curse) but i just found out today that i don't have to take my english exam because anyone who had higher them a 90 average in the class is exempt. glad you had fun on electric AKA glad i could relieve you of bass... it was my pleasure

Delian said...

Yeah... your guitar was pretty hot... I can say that I may be jealous ;).

Andrew said...

Well, that's ok :)... but I'll have to bring it over sometime so we can all really jam.

Andrew said...

I say though, isn't Chris quite the guitarist! He amazes me every time I hear him. He should play in the band sometime.

Agent Double12 said...

Debate is an intellectual sport!!! and you were pretty good at it, just some practice!!!