Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Evaluator is In the House!

Today's the day that we hafe been preparing for all year long! The Evaluation! In Pennsylvania we have to have an evaluator come to our house and look at all the work that we do and our portfolios and we have to get everything ready. And today, as I sit here writing, she is here! Issac is going now, I Mattea is going next and I, as usual am going last. I think everything is going to go without a problem, since I did everything that your supposed to do. And I'm much more prepared then I was last year, and I passed then....


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Agent Double12 said...

Actually, when we lived in PA, we never had an evaluator. My mom told the school system that we would not pay for one, thus not have one. She told them that if they absolutely must look at our portfolio and report cards, they were welcome, but she would not have an evaluator. From what I hear from others, it is kind of tough all they have you do.