Monday, May 22, 2006

Canton Mennonite

I missed you guys on Sunday. I would have liked to go, but we had been promising to go and visit our old church for a while now. And it was good to see some of my old freinds too. That Sunday, instead of a sermon, there was a couple that my parents new, because he had a similar problem as my Dad, gave their testimony, which was very moving. Afterwards there was a fellowship dinner. I was happy to see my old friend Thomas playing guitar, although I actualy didn't recognize him until he was done, because I had only ever seen him with a crew cut and now he has a whole bunch of hair!

I worked all day at my Grandparents house in Troy today. My Papa T and I tore out a stump in his backyard, and it took like five hours of crazy hard work. It could have been done in about ten minutes with a backhoe, but we only had hand tools. Never the less, after hours of shoveling, sawing, hacking, splitting smashing and other things that would make your insurence company jack your rates if they got wind of it, we finaly got the thing.

I'm starting work at my Dads tomorrow, so that should be good. Although I shall probably be really, really sore!


Delian said...

Glad that you had fun at your old church!!

bethany said...

i liked the innsurance agency part... it made me laugh