Saturday, May 13, 2006

Big Day

Big day today. At ten we're leaving for the carwash (and pray that it dosn't rain) for our church and then after that, as if I won't be tired enough of scrubbing things, I'll be going up to Harris hill on the glider strip to helpout on in the hanger and on the field. Technicaly I'm not part of the Club yet, but I think I can get the hours I put in to count for when I am. And then I can start soaring!

Last night my Dad and I finished (almost) the brick patio around our enterence way that we have been working on for a couple days now. I looks really nice, and we built it all from stuff we had lying around the farm. That dosn't really say much though, as the amount of stuff lying around the farm is very, very large.

This evening, in review.

Went up to Harris Hill and helped get the glider out of the hanger. Then Rachel and Daniel went in it with the instructer. I can't go up until I officialy join, but it was fun watching any way. Rachel expirienced a rather unusual landing but was ok. But we all ended up having to push the glider like 200 yds. back to the other end of the runway. We ended up leaving early because in was raining and they ended up closing the opperation down for the afternoon, which was kind of lucky for the Efthimues as they would have otherwise had to stay until six.

Wish I could have stayed longer at the car wash, but at least I got to see everybody. : )

See you all tomorrow!


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Alright Andrew, I feel bad thaments here, so....FIRST COMMENT!!!