Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Past Week

All of us after church.

The truck I loaded this week...

Chruch was really, really good today wasn't it. Worship was great and the message was really interesting. I don't recall hearing to many on communion before, and it was good.

Had a good talk, ok, so it was a debate, afterwards with some friends.

And I am still rather sore from work this past week! I did almost a full time week (or at least would have normaly, but there were some interuptions)! And it was almost all highly strenuos stuff with wood. I had to load that truck by hand! It's actually a dump truck. And I wasn't on the ground either. Most of the time I was hopping, waltzing and striding about atop an eight foor high (and unstable in areas) wood stack and chucking the thrity-six inch things in!

I think I want to get a Celtic harp.

-Vandrew the Strider.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Canton Mennonite

I missed you guys on Sunday. I would have liked to go, but we had been promising to go and visit our old church for a while now. And it was good to see some of my old freinds too. That Sunday, instead of a sermon, there was a couple that my parents new, because he had a similar problem as my Dad, gave their testimony, which was very moving. Afterwards there was a fellowship dinner. I was happy to see my old friend Thomas playing guitar, although I actualy didn't recognize him until he was done, because I had only ever seen him with a crew cut and now he has a whole bunch of hair!

I worked all day at my Grandparents house in Troy today. My Papa T and I tore out a stump in his backyard, and it took like five hours of crazy hard work. It could have been done in about ten minutes with a backhoe, but we only had hand tools. Never the less, after hours of shoveling, sawing, hacking, splitting smashing and other things that would make your insurence company jack your rates if they got wind of it, we finaly got the thing.

I'm starting work at my Dads tomorrow, so that should be good. Although I shall probably be really, really sore!

Friday, May 19, 2006

He's OK

We just found out that they released my Dad. They say that his carotids are fine and that the pain was from a "severe vascular headache" which apparently is like a migraine, only worse. So we're going to get him today. Thanks so much for the prayer and encouragement.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thanks so much for your prayer and concern guys. They seem to have pretty much determined that it was not a split artery, which is good, but one of the nuerologists thinks that he still sees something unusual (I know from last time that you can hardly get these guys to agrea on the color of an orange!) so they have decided to keep him over night. We kind of wanted him to be able to come back tonight, but I guess this is good, since they'll be able to moniter him and make sure everything goes ok. So it's our hope that he will be able to come home tomorrow.



Prayer Request for My Dad

My Dad has had a bad headache for the last two days and today it was so bad that he went to the ER. When they examined him, they found that his pupils were unevenly dialated, which is a sign that one side of your brain isn't working right. They gave him a catscan, and then an MRA and, alhtough I'm not really certain, they seem to be afraid that his left carotid artery is disected, which is the same thing that happened to him last year and caused him to have a stroke. So at any rate, they are Life Flighting him the Gisinger Hospital. So if you read this, could you please pray for him!


The Evaluator is In the House!

Today's the day that we hafe been preparing for all year long! The Evaluation! In Pennsylvania we have to have an evaluator come to our house and look at all the work that we do and our portfolios and we have to get everything ready. And today, as I sit here writing, she is here! Issac is going now, I Mattea is going next and I, as usual am going last. I think everything is going to go without a problem, since I did everything that your supposed to do. And I'm much more prepared then I was last year, and I passed then....


Sunday, May 14, 2006

This Morning This Afternoon and This Summer

Good day at Church wasn't it. Worship was really good this morning and it was cool how Mr. Snapp invited the youth up to pray and thank God for their Mothers (all of you did such a great job!). And I got a lot of good notes on the sermon. The only catch is; it was the Mother's Day Message. So what am I going to do with them?! Give them to my Mom? That was my only regret; that my Mom couldn't be there for much of it since she was in CM this morning teaching.

I discovered a new and wonderful use for the patio my Dad and I built yesterday; a stage! It has an outlet so I can hook in amplifiers and the way it's situated against the house gives it some great acoustics for broadcasting what ever I play through the woods and out over the countryside! Not that there is anyone to hear it mind you, (which is probably a good thing ; ) but it's cool in principle. And I think it's big enough that you could just fit a full drum set on it too, not that I have one of those either mind you, (which is probably a good thing too) but it's a cool idea. So for now it's just my and my Aria, but it's fun anyways.

When we got home we had my Moms parents over and said happy Mother's day to my Grandma, and my Grandpa wants me to do some work for him this summer, which is going to be rather interesting since my dad already has a fairly substantial job ready for me this summer at his Mansfield Office (which means I'll probably be seeing you a good bit Tia, since I hear your working down there as well). I hope I can work there mostly instead of the Soul Works, because I like being there better. I guess I'll be working a bit grounding up at the Soaring field on Harris Hill too, which should be pretty fun since I'll be with the Efthimues and, eventualy,(in a couple weeks) I can start flying with an instructer.

So what did you think of Church this morning?


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Big Day

Big day today. At ten we're leaving for the carwash (and pray that it dosn't rain) for our church and then after that, as if I won't be tired enough of scrubbing things, I'll be going up to Harris hill on the glider strip to helpout on in the hanger and on the field. Technicaly I'm not part of the Club yet, but I think I can get the hours I put in to count for when I am. And then I can start soaring!

Last night my Dad and I finished (almost) the brick patio around our enterence way that we have been working on for a couple days now. I looks really nice, and we built it all from stuff we had lying around the farm. That dosn't really say much though, as the amount of stuff lying around the farm is very, very large.

This evening, in review.

Went up to Harris Hill and helped get the glider out of the hanger. Then Rachel and Daniel went in it with the instructer. I can't go up until I officialy join, but it was fun watching any way. Rachel expirienced a rather unusual landing but was ok. But we all ended up having to push the glider like 200 yds. back to the other end of the runway. We ended up leaving early because in was raining and they ended up closing the opperation down for the afternoon, which was kind of lucky for the Efthimues as they would have otherwise had to stay until six.

Wish I could have stayed longer at the car wash, but at least I got to see everybody. : )

See you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Events in the Life of an Unsocialized Guitarist

Played my electric for the first time this evening, at YSOS that is. I think it went pretty well and I was glad to see Beth playing bass for, what is to my knowlege, the first time ever! Rock on Beth! I have now decided that electric guitar is almost to much fun. I think in some ways its actualy easier than bass, since you don't have to keep the rythum going so much, then on the other hand, its a lot more complicated, so maybe its just me, because I struggle with rythum. And Del said that I have a Hot Guitar, I hadn't really thought of it in that light before, since I would general think of hot as being a brighter red, but to them that's theirs (at least it is well liked).

Saw a bear tonight! We got out of the car, and my Dad almost ran into it! We ended up chasing ti across the yard and into the field, whence we lost sight of it. Alas, I was able to get no pictures of this one, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Evaluations are comming up next week and I'm working really hard to get ready.

I haven't watched the news since like forever and I feel deprived because of that.

And I'm really, really bad at sports. It dawns on me every year about this time that I really, really suck at just about anything that would be considered sports. I suppose its because I have never had anyone around here to play with on a regular bases, so perhaps I can change, but it means rewriting a lot of history and I don't know.

It's getting rather late, so goodby.


Monday, May 01, 2006


Can you believe it guys. After all that running about in the field armed with base ball bats and and improvised flamethrowers, violateing safety zones, not to mention nearly setting a 25 acre field on fire, (the video should be out soon) I trot up the road, get that, just trot up the road (I was not road hunting mind you, and the field was our's, for and PGC informers who may be reading this), step over into the field, and get one the old fashioned way, with out any fuss! One shot kill too. And it was a big one, almost as tall as Sanna when it was all stretched out (Sanna failed to comprehend the gravity of the situation, and kept waveing at it and trying to say hi).

For a few more photos go to
I put them there since I didn't really want to make anybody see anything they'd rather not....

Well, I guess that's all, exept, Hail to all of yesterdays WOODCHUCK WACKERS!
We shall have to do it again some time.