Thursday, April 13, 2006

Caught in a Hail Storm [i'm back]

I'm back! I've been so busy the last month that I havan't even taken a look at the blogs, let alone posted any thing. Something had to go, so unfortunetly, I decidied bloging. But now, I'm back!

The events that have elapsed since my last post are so numerous and complex that the idea of describing them all makes me feel like going to sleep, so, I'll try to sum it up in one long sentence. I have been covorting across the state to debating tournaments (the details of which you can read about on the Corning Debate Club Blog) , being nervous about my SAT, doing the SAT, recovering from the SAT, trying to finish up my aviation course, plugging along with AP History, writing papers and other brutul rights of passage that modern "civilization" forces us to go through (for indeed they are only rights of passage, becouse their only purpose is for you to prove how good you are, and do not actualy accomplish anything). Huh, how was that for a sentence?

So, on to what happened today: My Mom and I took Sanna (my baby sister) and went for a walk as we often do. We got about half way through when we saw some lightning (the sky had been clouded over for a little while) and decided to trun back. We got part way home when this huge gust of wind blew my hat off. That was followed by another, and another until there was this constant 30 - 40 mph wind. Then, the rain started, and then the hail, and the hail was little and jagged and it cut into your skin when it hit at 40 mph, we endured that for about ten minutes (I would guess) before we found this little DSL building to hide behind. We waited there until the hail had stopped and the continued on. Now, ofcourse, people had come out in cars looking for us and wondering if we were ok. And we were (although Sanna and my Mom were a bit shaken up). So that's what happened today.

Please feel free to comment!

P.S. If you don't read anything worth commenting on, then perhaps you should just comment on something random. ; )



bethany said...

thats exciting!
it hailed up here to, i was in the gym and the gym roof is tin so it was really really loud!
happy good friday!

Anonymous said...

You must have experienced the same storm that Iowa and Wisconsin, (where I am from) experienced. We had hail--Iowa was walloped by tornadoes. Glad you all are safe!!
God Bless on this Easter Day--tomorrow--I am writing this on Saturday.

Delian said...

Sorry for not commenting, but I never really finished reading your post (and as a matter of fact I still havn' But I shall leave a comment and then say goodbye.


Andrew said...

That's alright Delian, it was a rathar long one....