Friday, March 03, 2006

Isolation and Snow

Tis been a fair time since I last posted, so, even though nothing truely amazeing has transpired (at least not that I recall at this moment), I deciced a short discourse would be acceptable.

This has been one of those lonely weeks when I go the entire span, from Sunday to Sunday without seeing anyone below the age of forty and above eight years old (my brother and sisters excluded, but there all younger than me). It happens all to often though. All my freinds are in the Church... which would be ok, but for the fact that Corning is twenty some miles away! And I'm home schooled so its not as if I see anyone at school. On top of that, we live on top of a hill in the absolute country and there aren't many other people around. So you see, when I see you guys is really the only time I ever see, let alone get to hang out with, anybody anywhere near my own age. I never really felt it too much until a year and half ago when I had to drop out of karate. Before that I always got to at least see people a couple times a week... even if I didn't really have many good freinds there, at least it was something. But now, alas, I am able to participate in very few things. And it dosn't appear that it is going to get any better since my parents have actualy decided to follow through on their age old threat of not letting me drive until I'm 18 or so. It's just because I'm the first out. Just watch, they'll start teaching Mattea to drive as soon as she's 16, but me, no way! And have I ever, ever even in my early chilhood acted in an iresponsible manner so as to deserve such probation? ................ thinking .............. if I have would some one please bring it to my attention because I'm comming up dry.

I guess this isn't really a short discourse, although by some standards it would seem to be.

Well, Mattea turned 13 this week, so if you haven't already you ought to wish her happy birthday.

School has been going as usual, sense of getting closer and closer to impending doom and all.

Really a good bit of a strom going on outside, Eh! Snow blowing and the wind howling! Just as it has been for the past two days.

Did any of you know that in Toronto Canada there is an international Rock, Paper, Scicers leugeu?

Look forward to seeing you all Sunday!


Anonymous said...

awww... I'll pray for you, but the worst thing about all of that was not being able to get your lisence till your 18... but hey, parents know best ;).

Joy said...

Drew I know how you feal. I don't really see anyone except at church either(I just started volleyball so that is not absolutely true anymore). You could always try to convince your parents to move to Gang Mills like everyone else.

Tai Sophia said...

I feel you and hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!!! My parents weren't going to let me drive 'till I was 18, but they changed their minds... but it hasn't done me much good yet - when you get your liscence, don't get it just before winter! I made that mistake.