Saturday, March 11, 2006


I certainly have a love hate relationship with this wireless network my Dad put in this year, but today I'm definately loveing it! It's a perfectly wonderful day here! First in a long while. I just spent all morning slaveing over the computer to finish up school that I'm not supposed to have to do on a Saturday, but, I guess that's the way the world works. So now it's in the fifties, and unless you have been around here fro the last six months, I don't think you could have any idea how hot that feels! So now I'm siting here outside bloging this and I think I'm getting a little sunburn, which is way cool!

So, all the robbins came in yesterday along with a bunch of other birds and it sounds like the country side out here (probably cause it is). I love bird songs! it's one of those things that you don't notice to much durring the rest of the year, but it's so asome when you finaly hear it in the spring time, and you know that something was missing before, although you may not have been sure exactly what.

Drime or, excuse me, Silent Cry is tommorow and I really don't remember much of the mime at all! I think I could still manage the chorus, but I don't know about the verses.

A random question that I have been asking of late; Have you ever read Beowulf? Well, have you? Did you know that J. R. R. Tolken was one of the primary authorities on Beowulf and I think hae gained a lot of his inspiration from it. So if your a true fan of LOTR you should read Beowulf. Then we could learn to speak Old English and start a club!

Van Drew


bethany said...

oh oh oh i like old english pick me for the club, pick me!!!! never read beowulf... heard of him never read him...... i heart sping.....(as i'm writting this it is snowing outside)

Delian said...

I vote for a greek club ;-)