Thursday, March 16, 2006

50 en' D.C.

50th Post! That's kind of exiteing isn't it.

The main reason I'm posting is to say that we're off to D. C. for the rest of the week.

But it's 2:19 AM right now, and I am to tired to say much elese about it. I've been working on school for the past 18 hours strait (expept for breaks to eat) so that I don't have to work on it the rest of the week. So now I'm packing. And I pray that I'll be able to sleep on the way tomorow.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


I certainly have a love hate relationship with this wireless network my Dad put in this year, but today I'm definately loveing it! It's a perfectly wonderful day here! First in a long while. I just spent all morning slaveing over the computer to finish up school that I'm not supposed to have to do on a Saturday, but, I guess that's the way the world works. So now it's in the fifties, and unless you have been around here fro the last six months, I don't think you could have any idea how hot that feels! So now I'm siting here outside bloging this and I think I'm getting a little sunburn, which is way cool!

So, all the robbins came in yesterday along with a bunch of other birds and it sounds like the country side out here (probably cause it is). I love bird songs! it's one of those things that you don't notice to much durring the rest of the year, but it's so asome when you finaly hear it in the spring time, and you know that something was missing before, although you may not have been sure exactly what.

Drime or, excuse me, Silent Cry is tommorow and I really don't remember much of the mime at all! I think I could still manage the chorus, but I don't know about the verses.

A random question that I have been asking of late; Have you ever read Beowulf? Well, have you? Did you know that J. R. R. Tolken was one of the primary authorities on Beowulf and I think hae gained a lot of his inspiration from it. So if your a true fan of LOTR you should read Beowulf. Then we could learn to speak Old English and start a club!

Van Drew

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I'm not exactly sure, (how long it takes to stack a cord) I think around an hour or so, maybe less. I think I gave the wrong measerment in my last post, there a little bigger. I don't know how many there are going to be though. My Dad keeps on ordering in more and more of it. It's all very nice, mostly cherry and maple which burn very well. Unfortunetly there very, very heavy too! So Jesse... do you want a Job? No, just kidding, I'll get in trouble if I start giving away job offers! ; )

Van Drew

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Moveing Mountains... Of Wood?

This morning I ventured out to Mansfield with my Dad to go get wood from his office. He has a bunch of it over there that he just bought. Since he sells stoves there, he figueres it should be pretty easy to sell it again for a profit after it has seasoned for a few months. There's just one catch: You have to sell fire wood by the chord, which is a measrerment of mass. That is, a stack about three ft. wide, three deep and five ft. tall. Now, the fire wood is currently in this huge single pile that takes up about half the parking lot. And this is where I come in ; ). My Dad, Grandpa, and mostly I have to restack the entire thing. So, it looks like that's what I'll be doing for a few weeks this summer. It shouldn't be to bad though, at least not when compared to the whole lawn contracting escapade we got involved with the summer before last!

Still rather cold here, but, I hear it's supposed to get up to the sixty's next week. I guess that's ok, but I was just getting used to the cold. The weather in March is always so bipolar though. In like a lion and out like a lamb, Eh!

See you all tomorow!

And, by the way, some of you had displayed some interest in the interview with my Grandpa about his Vietnam day's, if your iterested in that, then you should check it out again because I just did another with my Grandma about her expiriences on the home front and it provides another perspective. It's second or third post from the top at



Friday, March 03, 2006

Isolation and Snow

Tis been a fair time since I last posted, so, even though nothing truely amazeing has transpired (at least not that I recall at this moment), I deciced a short discourse would be acceptable.

This has been one of those lonely weeks when I go the entire span, from Sunday to Sunday without seeing anyone below the age of forty and above eight years old (my brother and sisters excluded, but there all younger than me). It happens all to often though. All my freinds are in the Church... which would be ok, but for the fact that Corning is twenty some miles away! And I'm home schooled so its not as if I see anyone at school. On top of that, we live on top of a hill in the absolute country and there aren't many other people around. So you see, when I see you guys is really the only time I ever see, let alone get to hang out with, anybody anywhere near my own age. I never really felt it too much until a year and half ago when I had to drop out of karate. Before that I always got to at least see people a couple times a week... even if I didn't really have many good freinds there, at least it was something. But now, alas, I am able to participate in very few things. And it dosn't appear that it is going to get any better since my parents have actualy decided to follow through on their age old threat of not letting me drive until I'm 18 or so. It's just because I'm the first out. Just watch, they'll start teaching Mattea to drive as soon as she's 16, but me, no way! And have I ever, ever even in my early chilhood acted in an iresponsible manner so as to deserve such probation? ................ thinking .............. if I have would some one please bring it to my attention because I'm comming up dry.

I guess this isn't really a short discourse, although by some standards it would seem to be.

Well, Mattea turned 13 this week, so if you haven't already you ought to wish her happy birthday.

School has been going as usual, sense of getting closer and closer to impending doom and all.

Really a good bit of a strom going on outside, Eh! Snow blowing and the wind howling! Just as it has been for the past two days.

Did any of you know that in Toronto Canada there is an international Rock, Paper, Scicers leugeu?

Look forward to seeing you all Sunday!