Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your grandchildren may read this

This morning, as I was doing school work, I just had a really cool and somewhat terriffing realization: These blogs are going to be around as long as the internet is! That means that fifty years from now, our grandchilderen may be reading these! For that matter, 100 years from now, after we are dead (at least most of us probably) people may still stumble across these and read them! I fact, I bet in the future, it will probably be home work for students to read blogs from people in the past and do reports on them. I mean talk about primary source documents galore!

I just had that thought and thought I might share it with you.

Van Drew


The Phantom said...

In that case I have to be more careful what I write.

Me said...

The weight of responsability...I can't handle it! We will be shaping the impressionable minds of generations to come...wait...we'd be doing that anyway. I guess the question is "How embarrased do we want to be in the process?" :-)

Tai Sophia said...

Hehe - good point Cassie! lol

I always get a good laugh when I read your blog Drew! Keep up the good work!


mattea kiriel said...

I never thought of that.....So, if I'm not famous now, maybe I will be 200 years from now.

Delian said...

What if something better comes about other then internet?? Can't think of what... but hey, ya never know... in like 20 years they're might be some other system that's used and all the kids will be like 'internet? that's old school.' haha

Anonymous said...

yikes. i'm deleting that blog before i die. thanks for the warning! heehee

guess what! the sticklers from the corning church visited grace church this sunday...that was cool times! hahaha