Monday, February 13, 2006

The Winter Games

Had fun watching the Olympics last night. Lot's of crazy stuff going on! First, that morning, Michelle Kwen dropped out, which was perfectly shocking! Then Bodey Miller and his partner did an unexpectedly poor job on the Alpine (the French took Gold! Who could have known?). Then, horror of horrors, Apollo, our best speed skater wiped out on his qualifying run! I don't know why he had to tried to pass that Chinese guy! He didn't need to win, just finish in the top three or so, which he have done, but for trying to pass, catching his hand on the Chinese guys blade, and flying off to the side. In all, it would have been a disapointing day for the U. S. but for the usual triumph on the pipe. Shaun White, "The Flying Tomato" almost didn't qualify on his first run, but he managed to pull it off and win gold. The United States took both Gold and Silver in that event. Not quite like the last time in Salt Lake, but a triumph none the less. Still can't believe that about Apollo though.

The weeks started up again. Typical week as far as school goes. I just got signed up for the S.A.T. so if you could all start praying for me now, that would be greatly apreiciated ; ).

My partens and the Micheljohns are going to Los Vegas later on this week for a busines meeting with the managment of the company that supplies my Dad with wood stoves. They were none too happy when they learned it was going to be there, since they don't gamble, and, there are really very few things to do there if you don't (at least I've heard). But at any rate, that's were there headed.

I just watched the Walace and Gromit movie "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" for the first time and it was really funny!

Talk to you all later!



The Phantom said...

I don't know about our athletes man.
Apollo, Bode Miller, Ect...

The half pipe was fun to watch though.
So were the downhill and speed skating
despite there corasponding disapointments.
But I find crosscountry sking incredibly boring.


Andrew said...

Yep, same here. The only cross country (or Nordic as the pros call it) event I really like is the one where they have those little pellet rifles and they ski, and then stop, and have to bring their heart rates down from the 200's below like 100 or something to shoot accuratley

overthinker said...

whoever i pick never ever wins. i wanted andy finch to win something. he didn't. so then i wanted at least one US guy to win skiing. he didn't. neither did the little austrian dude.

i'm gonna go snowboard now.