Monday, February 06, 2006

The Random Weekend

Hooray! Pittsburgh won! We had a fun Superbowl party at the Snapps house yesterday. Before that I was at the Rawlieghs where we had drime practice, or should I say Silent Cry. we learned some new verses to the song that we've been working on (although I don't really remember them completely now). It went well, aside from that people kept accidentaly sticking their hand through the Rawleighs ceiling along with Adam trying to kill me from behind. From the there we ocasionaly went out, once to get waffle fries, the next time to get ice... ice, now that was an adventure! PJ suddenly decided that he new how to drive stick... and well.... Actualy he did fine (we only stalled out in spots that were at least sort of conveiniant).

So was it just me, or were the Superbowl comercials particularly dumb and uncreative this year? Ofcourse I didn't see very many of them. Mr. Snapp and the other adults who ocasionlaly had the remote were especialy warey of the inopropriet matierlial and kept changing the channal so that we could watch the most facenateing commentary on the book: The Cold War, a New History. Actualy I did find it at least vuagly interesting, but not to many others did.

Scores didn't get very high in the game either. I think the final score was something like ten to twenty. Not very much scoring took place at all, but then it has happened that way the last couple years. It's like teams are more evenly matched now. Well, there's the expert commentary from the guy who dosn't know anything about football, eh. Heck, the Superbowl is like the only game I watch!

Is S.O.S. this week? If not then I shall probably not see you, or anyone else in the outside world for that matter for the rest of the week.

So... how are all of you guys and girls who have been kind enough to read through this random and largly uninteresting blog doing?


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bethany said...

i'm fine....... yup