Friday, February 17, 2006

Hurricane-Blizard-Building-Destroying Thingy.

Hey, checking in from my Grandpas computer. It was a really windy day today. It was really strange because it was this beutiful blue sky with white puffy clouds and bright sunshine. But down here on the ground there were like 40 mph winds and 25 degree temps and it was so windy that my grandpas steel garden shed that he's had since before I can remember got ripped to pieces right before our eyes! Their bird feeder lost it's roof, and that little cuoupolow thing that sits on the roof over the family room got it's roof torn off and dropped into the flowerbed and there are about a million limbs down. And all while my parents are in Vegas. I was up to my house once today and it looked alright though.

So, I hope you are all ok. Any of you get the wind?


Anonymous said...

Yea--we had the bad weather here in Wisconsin--(snow day!) yesterday. Tonight we have a windchill advisory. It will be about -35 tonight with the windchill. No travelling tonight!

Anonymous said...

a hurricane...hahaha
sorry. ya'll do have intense, cold blizzards up north that are rough.

just don't call them hurricanes. blizzards are colder, worse weather, but if you have home insurance you can get it fixed.