Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things That Have Happened

It has been several day's since I posted on here. I suppose that is dosn't matter though since not many people seem to have been reading it. A few interesting things have happend since my last post, so I shall attempt to fill you in on it.


This past weekend, PJ contacted me and wondered if I would wish to join him and some other guys form church in what has come to be called something like: "Man Time Leeeever!" I never miss an opportunity to see people (rarely at least) so I said yes. That Saturday afternoon, he came down and pecked me up. We then went and got Steven Hanshaw, the woody's, Jarred Cornfield, and Alex Rawliegh and went bowling. Or at least that's what the plan was.... The closest bowling ally was closed so we decided to go to the one in Horseheads. Jarred said that he knew the way. Half an hour later, after getting nowhere near the destination, PJ handed the task of piloting over too Alex, and half an hour later too me. After determining that none of us had any idea where we were going, we decided to try the only route we had not yet attempted. It worked. We played two rounds at the bowling ally. Chris and I ranked lowest with him losing the first game and I the second. I set a record with 6 gutters in a row. Everyone, accept for Steven did markedly worse the second round, however. Nothing else very interesting happened.

Harrisburg Farm Show

Yesterday we went too Harrisburg to vusit the farm show where my Dad and Mr. Michlejon have been working. We saw lots of animals, Misha wanted to take one of the bunnys with her, and I ate a beef sandwich with horseradish that was completely shwang and this about half of this huge blooming onion. The tour was cut short however when Issac got sick, that is thought he was sick, as he dose whenever we go anywhere these days, and we had to leave, although nothing was really wrong. On the way home we stopped at BJ's BQ to eat supper and it was really good too.

Isn't it exiting that we're going through In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn for YSOS!

I suppose that's all.



overthinker said...

In Light of Eternity is am awesome book!!! Or at least I thought so. :)

and no that's not just because of all the great CS Lewish quotes either, haha.

interesting post. the first part was funny. the second part i didn't have time to read.

bethany said...

man night.... no comment. sounds like you guys had fun. tell misha i always wanted a bunny

Tai Sophia said...

Haha - great fun bowling is - ESPECIALLY when you get lost... of course, you guys weren't lost though - you just took the sceinic route! lol


Anonymous said...

Man time leever? Sounds interesting.