Thursday, January 05, 2006

Small Town Poets

What is up with all the poetry? Almost all the blogs I've been to this evening have had poetry on them! Have all of you just discoverd your talant, or have just been keeping it a secret from me? Has the recent Christmas writing booklet thing prompted you to think poeticly? Or did it just come to you all at the same time for no known reason?

Well, I'm not much of a poet myself so don't expect me contribute any.
I've tried to to write a few, but I've not had success with many.
There's usualy not much time and and I can seldom get it ready.
I've heard that some people can sell their work, but for mine I could never get a penny.
I'm far better at manual work, outdoor things, like using my machete.
Some guy's who are really good at poetry now, if you were wondering, are John and Denny.
Did you know that one of the first people that radio station interviewed was Frank Peretie!
You know, the guy who wrote The Hangmans Curse and Nightmare Academy.
Books that make your skin crawl, and make you want to hug your teddy!
But I couldn't write a poem even if they would let me. : (

Van Drew


overthinker said...

yeah i know frank. a little.

and i'm not much of a poet either. i just write.

Delian said...

Andrew... that made me laugh so much I almost choked jst jk.

but hey, if it makes you feel better you were right... I don't think you could sell that for a penny ;). Jst teasing.

& if it makes you feel any better I've never sold any of my poetry ;).

Andrew said...

I don't think too many people do, I just put it in because penny is one of the relitively few things that rymes with many.

Delian said...


Tai Sophia said...

Peotry you say?
That's strange and slightly like a dog
I haven't noticed any
On anybody's blog!

How could I have missed it?!
Am I going blind?
If someone could tell me where to find them
That would really be quite kind!

Oh, and John and Denny
Yes, I know them quite well
They're on the radio station -
FLN - not NFL.

And Frank Peretti
I've read several of his books
I like the way he writes them,
Though after reading them, I imagine scary looks.

Well, I'm done with this stupid poem
So others here can write
I may return to post again
Another lonely night.


bethany said...

dude we are home... well we got home last night, i'll try to update my blog after school so that you no longer have to look at that poetry :)glad you had a good weekend i know i did!!

Tai Sophia said...

Oh, by the way - I really did notice poetry on a bunch of blogs - my (embarrassing) poem was more than just aweful - it was not exactly true either... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!