Friday, January 27, 2006


To anwser some questions.

1. I'm still alive. .I did not kill my self. Nor do I intend too It is against my convictions and instincts. I spoke in complete jest (as I asume you did) but, since I realize that it seems to have struck a nerve, or two, or five, I shall refrain from such idle threats in the future. ; )

2. Kenpo. Kenpo is a form of Karate. Kung fu, Ji jit su (I'm not spelling these right, I think) Tia kwan do, Judo and a bunch of others all fall under the umbrela of Karate. My school actualy taught both Kenpo and Tia kwan do. The forms and kicking exercises were T.K.D. but since TKD has a rather lousy self defence system (at least in some opinions) they taught Kenpo self defence. In my opinion that combines the best of both worlds. TKD is a very styleized form, with lots of cool poses and impresive kicks (it's good for showing off at a demo). Kenpo a on the other hand is made up of short, circular hand blows, intersperced with lots of elbows and knees. It's apparently very effective in a fight (I wouldn't really know, because, for better of worse, have never put it to the test in a reall brawl). Kenpo is from China, I'm not sure about TKD. I think it might have originated in Japan or Korea, but I don't really know.

3. Yes Beth that indeed was the Daniel from YC. Unless ofcourse someone has stolen his identity and is now trying to steal ours. I doubt that. Never the less if he asks you for your credit card number, or social security, don't give it to him! ; )

Van Drew


The 'J' said...

nice....well its good to hear your not dead...anyway whats up Dan?

and Andrew are you coming to Youth Band practice?

Andrew said...

I am indeed.

Tai Sophia said...

hey - glad to know you're still alive - lol!

I actually think it's spelled Tae Kwon Do - but don't quote me on that :)!