Sunday, January 15, 2006


Church today! The Messege was very good. I'll list some of the points on here. (Yes! I'm actualy listsing points from the Sermon on my blog! Because I actualy remembered to bring a notepad this today.)

It was from Luke 12:35-on a little ways.

It was titled: Staying Faithful, Being Ready (or maybe it was the other way round, it means the same thing either way)

Jesus says we shouldn't try to predict when he will return.

Never the less, all throughout history, people have tried to predict when it will be.

Although Jesus said we should not try to predict the time, he said we should br ready.

The verse says: "Gird up your loins." this just means: be ready for action

Every Generation should be exited about the return of Christ.

There is something about his return that has a pureifying effect on us.

You should live every day like Christ will return tomorow.

How should we remain faithful? We should be filled with the Holy Spirit.

How should we prepare? We should be a strong witness to those around us.

Hope that was clear enough.

This was the first Sunday that we used the new computer controled projector, and it worked.

I guess thats all.

Have agreat week!


arimich said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my site. God's been doing some cool things here in Taiwan, and I'm glad you've had the chance to glimpse a couple of them. Have a great week out there in Pennsylvania, and God bless!

bethany said...

thanks for the notes, i miss church soo much can't wait till next week, its weird not seeing everbody at church for 2 whole weeks :(

Tai Sophia said...

the projector ROCKED!!!

Great notes - funny - mine were kinda' similar - lol.


Aly Sczebel said...

sounds good.