Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Go Penn State!

You know I'm like that to Aly, I feel really akward on the phone. I guess because it's so involved... that is, it's like your there, but then your not. Email is more relaxed and I like it better. Actualy, my favorite is IM, but I haven't been able to convince my parent's to get it yet.

School has started in full again. I had a guitar lesson today and it was an hour and a half long because I missed the last one because I was sick, so my teacher wanted to make it up. We spent most of the time jamming. He would play chords and I would improvise lead. We mostly played country... which I hate listening to... but even things that I hate listening to I can enjoy playing, so it ws ok. We also did some kind of weird, dark sounding jazz thing in a minor scale.

Tonights the big game! Penn State v. F.S.U. I don't really like football, but I watch the Penn State games. This is going to be especialy cool because my uncle Eric (who calls us every day from Tallahase to tell us how wonderful the weather is) will be rooting for FSU. They say that it's most likely that Penn State will win... and they had better!!!

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