Thursday, January 26, 2006

Document Based Q's

This morning I decided to get a head start on school and write my DBQ (I would normaly write it on Friday). DBQ stands for Document Based Question. It consists of a question which you must answer in the form of an essay and about ten historical documents relating to the issue. Your job is to read and analyze the documents and then answer incorperate them into your essay. My teacher has just started having us write them to time (45min).

So this morning I decided to just go ahead and do it without any preliminary research (he gives extra cred for that). In order to stay under the time limit (something I have not been able to do on previous attempts) I made signifagcant compromises in both quality and length. But I didn't care because I was going to finish on time! I got done, looked at the clock, and low and behold... It had taken me 47 minutes! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I think may kill myself.

Van Drew


bethany said...

i hear you!! writting things under a time limit is crazy, one time my english teacher made me write an essay in one class period.... i hate it cause i don't have time to properly develope a thesis. but yeah i actually like writting DBQ's

overthinker said...

yeah, well not to make you feel bad or anything; but since God gave you this life, you can't really take it away. well you can, but you shouldn't. it's not even yours. sorry.

(btw, that's all in fun, ya know;)

actually...i miss english. and literature. and writing. and all those funnish credits. excpet i hated english at the time. go figure!

Anonymous said...

hi andrew. how are you? I thought you had a black belt in karate, what's kenpo? sounds cooler. don't kill yourself, that's sinful.

Tai Sophia said...


I feel your pain - lol.



bethany said...
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bethany said...

dbuckley... is that dan buckley from youth camp?

Alex said...

Don't do it Andrew!!!!