Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Cool Quote

“School work fascinates me. I can stare at it for hours.”
A cool quote by someone who did not give there name. Dosn't it speak volumes of truth!

Friday, January 27, 2006


To anwser some questions.

1. I'm still alive. .I did not kill my self. Nor do I intend too It is against my convictions and instincts. I spoke in complete jest (as I asume you did) but, since I realize that it seems to have struck a nerve, or two, or five, I shall refrain from such idle threats in the future. ; )

2. Kenpo. Kenpo is a form of Karate. Kung fu, Ji jit su (I'm not spelling these right, I think) Tia kwan do, Judo and a bunch of others all fall under the umbrela of Karate. My school actualy taught both Kenpo and Tia kwan do. The forms and kicking exercises were T.K.D. but since TKD has a rather lousy self defence system (at least in some opinions) they taught Kenpo self defence. In my opinion that combines the best of both worlds. TKD is a very styleized form, with lots of cool poses and impresive kicks (it's good for showing off at a demo). Kenpo a on the other hand is made up of short, circular hand blows, intersperced with lots of elbows and knees. It's apparently very effective in a fight (I wouldn't really know, because, for better of worse, have never put it to the test in a reall brawl). Kenpo is from China, I'm not sure about TKD. I think it might have originated in Japan or Korea, but I don't really know.

3. Yes Beth that indeed was the Daniel from YC. Unless ofcourse someone has stolen his identity and is now trying to steal ours. I doubt that. Never the less if he asks you for your credit card number, or social security, don't give it to him! ; )

Van Drew

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Document Based Q's

This morning I decided to get a head start on school and write my DBQ (I would normaly write it on Friday). DBQ stands for Document Based Question. It consists of a question which you must answer in the form of an essay and about ten historical documents relating to the issue. Your job is to read and analyze the documents and then answer incorperate them into your essay. My teacher has just started having us write them to time (45min).

So this morning I decided to just go ahead and do it without any preliminary research (he gives extra cred for that). In order to stay under the time limit (something I have not been able to do on previous attempts) I made signifagcant compromises in both quality and length. But I didn't care because I was going to finish on time! I got done, looked at the clock, and low and behold... It had taken me 47 minutes! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I think may kill myself.

Van Drew

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Niagara Falls

Canada Eh! Yes, Canada and in January of all times! Believe it or not, it was actualy warmer than at home though! We went to Niagara Falls and stayed on the 20th floor of a hotel overlooking the falls, so we were never more than a few miles from America. Never the less, its a whole different currency, and people speak a bit different.

Some speak French, some speak English with a few little gramatical alterations, but by and large, most people spoke Chinese. Yes, Chinese! It's a very touristey place, lots a Casinos (I'll get to them in a minute), and the place was practicaly swarming with Asians! The way they dress is so funny! (well, the guys look normal, it's mostly just the young ladies) They are so cute, but so tacky at the same time! But enough about them, thats not what you want to hear about (as if I know what you want to hear about ; >)

As I said earlier, we were on the 20th floor of the Hilton with a view of both falls, which would normaly be very expensive, but its off-season (I love off season). The view was magnicent! At night they shine differnent colored lights on the falls its cool. Also, right between both of the falls and directly below our hotel was this huge Casino and all night long there were taxies and limos pulling in and out, and all sorts of lights. Our hotel was really cool. They had a wave pool and a big water slide, and this indoor waterfall that you could get under, but it hurt. There was a restorant on the top floor where we ate breakfast one morning and that was really cool.

The Canadians were all very nice. (Even if they were a minority). Not afraid to start a conversation. And I'm not just saying that, because there were a lot of Amercans and Chinese and Japs around too, and they werent nearly as nice (okay, so, even if the Asians were nice, I wouldn't know, because they don't speak English) The Canadians that speak English (some of them spoke French, those from Quebece aparantly) spoke it with something of an English accent, although very lightly, and they have this habit of saying: Eh (pronounced Ay) at the end of each exclamatory sentence.

The Casinos were kind of cool, although my Parents don't believe in gambaling, and even if I did, I'm too young to get in.

This morning, we went down to the falls and stood right abouve them and they were awsome! The mist was towering into the air, and it was sunny so there were lot's of rainbows!

Then, we drove all the way back to Painted Post [Gangmills] to hang with you guys. And that was the last interesting thing that happened on our trip.

PS. Dell: I would have told you, but I didn't know myself until just a bit before we did it, and if it makes you feel better, I posted it on BC here just an hour after my siblings found out. I didn't realize you like to know these things so much... I'll try to do better next time, Eh.

Alex: I'll try to get you that picture of the mounties.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Off Too Canada

Well, I'm off too Canada (or as they say around here: Canadia.) So I probably shant be posting for a while.

See you later! (Sunday hopefuly)

Van Drew

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Cousin!

I have a new cousin! (they come about twice a year) Isiah Eugene Efthimiu (or something close to that).


Sunday, January 15, 2006


Church today! The Messege was very good. I'll list some of the points on here. (Yes! I'm actualy listsing points from the Sermon on my blog! Because I actualy remembered to bring a notepad this today.)

It was from Luke 12:35-on a little ways.

It was titled: Staying Faithful, Being Ready (or maybe it was the other way round, it means the same thing either way)

Jesus says we shouldn't try to predict when he will return.

Never the less, all throughout history, people have tried to predict when it will be.

Although Jesus said we should not try to predict the time, he said we should br ready.

The verse says: "Gird up your loins." this just means: be ready for action

Every Generation should be exited about the return of Christ.

There is something about his return that has a pureifying effect on us.

You should live every day like Christ will return tomorow.

How should we remain faithful? We should be filled with the Holy Spirit.

How should we prepare? We should be a strong witness to those around us.

Hope that was clear enough.

This was the first Sunday that we used the new computer controled projector, and it worked.

I guess thats all.

Have agreat week!

Correction Made.

In an earlier post, I mis-quoted a phrase by just three letters, however, the meaning was then signifigantly altered. If you know what I'm talking about, please exept my apology and know that I have corrected it. That would be great. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then that's even better!


Friday, January 13, 2006


Absolutely blissful weather we're having! I just got in from about two hours of walking the country roads and the woods. It's 60 degrees in the shade! And it's January! I'm wearing a T-shirt outside and I'm hot! And I should have been doing school all day today.... Oh well. Aparently my Mom dosn't mind because she was on the walk with me before we were joined by the rest of my siblings. And I raced Misha home and I think we raised the air temp about 5 degrees!

Got to go now, spot-o-teas ready bout now... Earl Grey. Oh, Alex, I heard you might be going to some College Seminar up at FLM. I don't know if thats true, but I'll be there too. And by the way.... Delian, did you say that you were jealous about man time? So, does that mean you wish that you could have come and done guy stuff? Really now Dell. Well, I'm glad you didn't because you would have beaten me bowling.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things That Have Happened

It has been several day's since I posted on here. I suppose that is dosn't matter though since not many people seem to have been reading it. A few interesting things have happend since my last post, so I shall attempt to fill you in on it.


This past weekend, PJ contacted me and wondered if I would wish to join him and some other guys form church in what has come to be called something like: "Man Time Leeeever!" I never miss an opportunity to see people (rarely at least) so I said yes. That Saturday afternoon, he came down and pecked me up. We then went and got Steven Hanshaw, the woody's, Jarred Cornfield, and Alex Rawliegh and went bowling. Or at least that's what the plan was.... The closest bowling ally was closed so we decided to go to the one in Horseheads. Jarred said that he knew the way. Half an hour later, after getting nowhere near the destination, PJ handed the task of piloting over too Alex, and half an hour later too me. After determining that none of us had any idea where we were going, we decided to try the only route we had not yet attempted. It worked. We played two rounds at the bowling ally. Chris and I ranked lowest with him losing the first game and I the second. I set a record with 6 gutters in a row. Everyone, accept for Steven did markedly worse the second round, however. Nothing else very interesting happened.

Harrisburg Farm Show

Yesterday we went too Harrisburg to vusit the farm show where my Dad and Mr. Michlejon have been working. We saw lots of animals, Misha wanted to take one of the bunnys with her, and I ate a beef sandwich with horseradish that was completely shwang and this about half of this huge blooming onion. The tour was cut short however when Issac got sick, that is thought he was sick, as he dose whenever we go anywhere these days, and we had to leave, although nothing was really wrong. On the way home we stopped at BJ's BQ to eat supper and it was really good too.

Isn't it exiting that we're going through In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn for YSOS!

I suppose that's all.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Can't Quit!

Not much activity on the blogs today or this evening. Probably cause the Rawliegh girls are down with Amanda. I'm comming up tommorow to hang with PJ and do Guy Stuff. We'er going to go bowling and it's been almost 5 years since I've done that! I think I got the techniuqe down to a science last time, so it shouldn't be too hard. After that I'll be staying over at the Rawlieghs. Then I'll go home after Church.

I'm not doing so hot right now... If you read my blog awile ago, you may have read that I dropped out of my Advanced Aviation Science Course. We'll, I just got an email back from tham today and guess what! Their not going to let me Quit!!! :0 They have given me a 150 fifty day extension on it, and they expect me to finish. It's really nice of them actualy, considering that I should have had the thing finished by now, but I still have all my other school work to do! And the reason I dropped out in the first place was because I couldn't understand it and I was overcommited! So now I'm right back where I started.

The World keeps turning with or without you though. So I guess I just need to exept it.

PS. Here is a nifty little quote from F. Scott Fitzgeralde. It is the last sentence in his book The Great Gatzby, and I thought you might enjoy pondering the endless meaning contained within it's utter meaninglessnes: "So we beat on, boats against the current, swept back ceaslessly into the past." It was a very depressing book about the twenties and the general Godlessnes of the people at the time. Very well written though.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Small Town Poets

What is up with all the poetry? Almost all the blogs I've been to this evening have had poetry on them! Have all of you just discoverd your talant, or have just been keeping it a secret from me? Has the recent Christmas writing booklet thing prompted you to think poeticly? Or did it just come to you all at the same time for no known reason?

Well, I'm not much of a poet myself so don't expect me contribute any.
I've tried to to write a few, but I've not had success with many.
There's usualy not much time and and I can seldom get it ready.
I've heard that some people can sell their work, but for mine I could never get a penny.
I'm far better at manual work, outdoor things, like using my machete.
Some guy's who are really good at poetry now, if you were wondering, are John and Denny.
Did you know that one of the first people that radio station interviewed was Frank Peretie!
You know, the guy who wrote The Hangmans Curse and Nightmare Academy.
Books that make your skin crawl, and make you want to hug your teddy!
But I couldn't write a poem even if they would let me. : (

Van Drew

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


They were Skipping!!! The Penn State players entered the feild Skipping!!!
And they (Mr. Snapp, Mr. Cornfield, and Mr. Rawliegh) made a huge deal about telling Alex how it was un-manly to skipp this last Saturday!!! Hahaha! This is great!!! Penn is Winning! Yay! And my uncle Eric who was supposed to be watching it and cheering for FSU is stuck on a delayed plane rignt now! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Go Penn State!

You know I'm like that to Aly, I feel really akward on the phone. I guess because it's so involved... that is, it's like your there, but then your not. Email is more relaxed and I like it better. Actualy, my favorite is IM, but I haven't been able to convince my parent's to get it yet.

School has started in full again. I had a guitar lesson today and it was an hour and a half long because I missed the last one because I was sick, so my teacher wanted to make it up. We spent most of the time jamming. He would play chords and I would improvise lead. We mostly played country... which I hate listening to... but even things that I hate listening to I can enjoy playing, so it ws ok. We also did some kind of weird, dark sounding jazz thing in a minor scale.

Tonights the big game! Penn State v. F.S.U. I don't really like football, but I watch the Penn State games. This is going to be especialy cool because my uncle Eric (who calls us every day from Tallahase to tell us how wonderful the weather is) will be rooting for FSU. They say that it's most likely that Penn State will win... and they had better!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Is Email a Thing of the Past?

Why is it that nobody sends emails anymore? Sure we still send out chain emails and pass it on things, but I mean like, to have conversation. I can remember when some of us (mostly Del and I) would email eachother like two or three times a day! And you guy's would always litter the Church Yahoo group with your own personal conversations that nobody else could understand! Now days people don't even bother to reply to my emails. Is it because we spend all of our online time on blogs now? Or maybe you use IM, something I don't have, which is sad. Really the only person I can keep an email conversation going with these days is the Saint. And even he is getting hard to pin down.

I'm going to send some of you guys some emails... and I better get a reply!!! ; )

On a different subject; isn't it so terrible that we have to go back to school this week! I guess some of you guys get Monday off, but I'll probably start right in since it's just less work I'll have to do later.


Happy 2006!!!

Happy 2006!!!