Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jordan's Birthday Party

We had a big bash at the Slacks last night for Jordans 14th Birthday. Jared,
Daniel, Ben and I, and Mr. St. Angelo came over. Mr. St. Angelo brought a 
trunk full of guns and clay pigeons so we had a lot of fun with that. First 
some of us shot at clay's while another threw them. Then we all had some 
practice with .22's, Mr. St. Angelo's civilian version of and M 16, my 30-06 and occasionaly Mr. Slack would feel the urge to fire a 12 guage turky shell out of his old beast (which he then nearly destroyed by fireing a 
slug through even though the thing is full choke, which means the end of 
the barrel is too small) 

Then, we went inside and jammed, and wow, it was the best ever! We had 
Daniel on drums, myself on bass, Jared leading, and Ben and Jordan playing 
lead. We recorded it a few times, and had fun watching it afterwords. And
we were shut up in Jordan's room, so it was really quite loud once we got

Then, we put in Call of Duty, and used some virtual firearms to blow 
eachother to pieces. This went on until about 2:45 A.M. when I went to bed.
I think the other guys followed aroung 3:00. When I woke up they started 
playing it again, but I didn't feel like getting anywhere near the TV again,
so I went for a run in the woods. When I get back, they were so focused on
the game that I had to knock on the door for just about forever to get them 
to let me back in, and it was jolly cold out there too! 

Then, the Efthimus came to get Daniel (Jared had gone home the night 
before) and they stayed so long that Mrs. Slack invited them for lunch. 
Then we played spoons the card game, and the most tremendous fight broke out between Jordan and Daniel! And I caught the whole thing on video.

So that's most all of it that I can think of.

- striderguy

Thursday, December 28, 2006


The Sticklers are at the Slacks right now, but actually, at this moment, Mr. Stickler and Slack are down here with my Dad using our grill since theirs is out of propane. So that is what is happening here, that and Misha just dropped something and broke it.... Last night we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. And it was blast! One of my favorites now. I don't understand what people, Critics and friends alike kept dissing it for. The ending was kind of frustrating, but they did such a great job with it!

Tomorrow I'll see Jared and Daniel, and Mr. St. Angelo, as they are coming up for Jordan's 14th birthday party. I think we are going to jam like never in the history of that house! Then it'll be New Years, and I have no idea what we are doing. And then school. We only get one week off, since we spent so much time off in Florida, but it's probably good as I need to try and get some stuff down.

Trying to use my time off to get in shape. So I have been working out a lot, don't know if it'll result in anything (accept my being sore) because it usually doesn't. But I actually have been able to up the sets that I've been doing quite substantially in the past week and a half or so, so maybe that's good.

It's so funny that Mr. St Angelo is coming up tomorrow, because I just was looking through my archives from Dec 05, and it's almost the exact same time he came up last year, and to do a similar thing! In fact, it's funny, but the whole pattern of this December seems to mirror the last one, even down to when I got sick!

See you sooner than later (hopefully).

God bless!

- striderguy

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas and My 100th Post

Yesterday we had our annual Wilber Family Christmas party here on Old Post Lane. So it was actually the day after Christmas, but it worked better with every one's schedules to have it then. And it was blast! My Grandma and Grandma and Grandpa, their four children (+spouses), 32 some grandchildren (+spouses and girlfriends), four great grandchildren and a few Slacks tossed in for good measure! So we opened presents and drank wassail and ate huge amounts of those snacks that you have before a meal that sound like oredervs, but have an actual spelling that I'm not going to attempt (it starts with and H) and then supper and lots of desert. Now my Grandparents have a rather big house but when we ate almost every single room on the first floor was filled, even the laundry room where the little boys ate... and I'll tell you, there were some strange noises coming out of there....

So this is actually my 100th post on this blog. And the staff here and A Bradford County Mile would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and and new year of continued literary excellence and chronic mis-spelledness!

Below are some pictures of yesterday.

Enjoy the rest of vacation!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My 17th Birthday

 Well, as of noon yestruday I'm seventeen. We had my grandparents over for supper and I got just what I wanted, which was a camera, a SONY, so I've been taking a lot of pictures with it. So thats all thats  been happening letely, except that I've been doing a lot of stuff with Jordan which has been really cool and different becuase I've never really had a neibor who was anywhere near my age. Here are some of the pictures I've taken. 


Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Florida Pix and the Car Accident

We are back from Florida now. Had a great time ecxept for the trip back. First while we were comming up from South Florida back to Tallahassee for me to run in a another race there we were stuck in a major car accident. A trailor about a half mile up flipped across the highway while every body behind was going about 75 mph. It cuased a series of accidents all the way back to where we were. I saw one of them. As every body slowed down, some guy in a pickup was asleep or something and didn't stop completely took out the car next to us. We were the first people out on the road and there were three people in the car; one of them a little baby was in the back and she was really beat up. It was totaly the worst thing I've ever seen. Fortunetly my Dad (he's really good at this sort of thing, we always say he should have been a paramedic) jumped in the the car through the only door that was able to open and started helping her to breath (the others in the car were either in shock or unconsiece. Then the ambulence came and the paramedics and police men came to the car to break the windows and get everybody out. I didn't see much of it though becuase one of the police told me to run out (I had the brightest t-shirt of anybody there and wave people away form the accident. So it was really weird becuase in about 4 minutes I went from listening to my ipod in the backseat of uour Yukon to standing in the middle of I-75 directing traffic (or attempting to). Thankfully the little girl, Julia I think, came to and wasn't quite as badly hurt as we thought. The Mother and Grandfather who were in the car were ok except for maby a concusion on the Mom but they were both really shaken up. My Mom went over and prayed for the other Mom and her baby and then my Dad had to calm down the Grandfather who was yelling that he was goign to kill the guy that ran into them (which was scary becuase he was a huge guy and looked like he actualy might do it). Thankfully we were all ok and the people next to us were still alive (which was rather good considering that some of the people up the road got killed I think). It took us a couple of hours to get moving again (we were the lucky ones, it was a croweded three lane interstate so by this time traffic had backed up all the way to where we had come from and it must have taken all da to get them out). When all was said and done we got to Tallahassee and I had missed my race by just 10 minutes! I wasn't really that upset about it though considering that if we hadan't been there my parents wouldn't have been able to help out with the accident.

So some of us got sick in Tallahassee and were sick for the whole trip home, which as positivley terrible. My brother and I came down with it once we got home and I'm still recovering. So here are some more pictures of us in Florida... while it was still fun lol. ; )

All of us at the beach.

Misha fending of the attack of a renagade toothbrush in East Palm Beach FL.
A wide angle shot of my feet (below). My Dad said I needed to post that one lol.
Misha again, with sailboat in bacground (below).
Sanna being very cute(below again, blogger is messed up right now).
City Place, East Palm Beach (below also), a snobby shopping center
where you can buy dog houses that cost about as much as the houses we live in.
So deer season ended today and I didn't get anything... most likely do to the fact that I was either gone or sick for all but three day's of it.
For now.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Yesturday we went to the Grace Church and met Damaris and Josiah. It was awsome to meet them and see what the Lord is doing in this area. It's funny when you've never actualy met someone (well, I guess they were at our church once, but I don't recall seeing them) but you sort of know them already. At any rate it was fun. Below are some more pictures from Tallahassee:

At the twenty somthingth floor of the Florida Capital. You can see for miles up there! My Uncle works here when it's in session.

Here we are at the Governers Club, possibly the nicest restoraunt I've ever eaten at.

My cousins; Jordan and Steven devouring smores.


Friday, November 24, 2006

The Turkey Trot

These are some pictures from the last two day's we've spent in Tallahassee, mostly related to the annual turkey Trot that they run in. It's an interesting thing that they early Thanksgiving morning so that they can "Eat more Turkey". And it's really not a bad idea at all, except that I generally have no trouble metabolizing my turkey without running a 5k... But it was still fun.

Here (above) we are getting ready the night before by a having a tropical (it was actual somewhat cold out) BQ under my cousin's grandparent banana tree in their back yard.
Me on the last corner of the 5k.

The Turkey Trot is made up of four events. The 1 mile (that just about everyone, that is, more than 2000 people (and a lot of dogs) runs) then there are five, ten, and 18k's, which are all really at the same time and course, only people stop at different times. I ran the 5k. Everybody said that I shouldn't do it, because I have mono, and the fact that I had never run more than two miles in my entire life. But I did : ) And actual I did alright with a time of 24.12 (which they (my uncle who runs Marathons) said is rather good... but I don't know cause I've never done it before). At any rate, it was better than worse. And I almost died (and I'm really, really sore today, and not just in my legs) on the last mile, and stopped, but my Uncle came up and past me and told me to keep going, so I did.

This is a picture of Misha finishing the 1 mile run with my Dad. She did a really good job and ran the whole way by herself.

And here is the entire group.

afterwards (in accordance with family tradition) we went to Krispy Kream Donuts.

God Bless!


Sunday, November 19, 2006


We are in North Carolina right now at our hotel. I think we're about a little over half way to Florida now. It was soooo fun this morning when we left. My Mom and Dad and Mattea and I spent the last couple of day's getting everything ready and none of the other guys new anything about it (there were so many close calls). So we told them that we had to get up early this morning because I was on the worship team (it was actual even to early for that, but they were to tired to really ask questions). First I ran down to my Grandparents to drop off some plants that I didn't want to die, ran back (nothing like the uphill sprint at 6:15 on a cold morning) and then we left. We drove as far as the normal spot we would turn off for church and then turned the other way. We then broke the news to them that we were actual going to Florida. Isaac squealed, Maryah said she had suspected something, and Misha cried.

So we have been traveling all day. I listened to music and occasional took videos of Misha (she's such a little actor; ) so that's pretty much it.

Talk to you guys later.

God Bless!

- drew

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Grand Scheem and Happy Blogday

T -12 hrs. in counting to the great buyout scheem begins.

And I believe that the one-year anniversery of this blog is about this time, so happy month blog!

See ya'll then.

* Added five minutes later.

It's off. It's all off! I thought we were crazy for wanting to get there at 8:00! It's 9:07 and there are already lines of people out in the freezing rain with umbrellas and toe warmers waiting for midnight, the next day! I think we are going to hear about deaths, or at least injuries from this!

- striderguy

Friday, October 27, 2006

Apple Picking

Yesturday we went to our favorite old apple orchard over near Troy in on Amy Valley Rd. They wanted to take the back way so I drove on Baptist Hill Road and some other dirt roads with "No Winter Maintence" signs, which was kind of fun. When we got there we picked Ida-Red apples. We wanted Sanna to see it, but she was sleepy and when we woke her up, she just rolled her eyes around at the trees brimming with bright red apples (one of her favorite things), rolled her eyes back, and went to sleep again.

We picked several bags full, which didn't take long at all and then, after paying, went home by way of my Grandparents.

When we got home Mattea made two really great apple pies! that that we ate after we got back from debate. I thought debate went quite well last night, what with breaking into different groups and all. I'm in the 'She walked away' group, which I wasn't to thrilled about at first, but I think it's going to be pretty cool actualy once we're done with it.

God bless!

- drew

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hunting and Mono

It's the Junior antlerless deer season in Pennsylvania, so yesturday morning I was out at about six thirty in the morning (it alway's amazes me how dark it still is then) I made a big circle around my Granpas, Neibors and our land. I saw about eight deer, and had my cross hairs on three. But all exept one were to small for me to care about and that one I only saw for about three seconds, when in ran out in front of me. It also turned out to have to fawns, so I was glad I didn't kill it. I got back to the house and started school.

Unfortunetly I may not get much more hunting in this season. I have had a cold that I couldn't get rid of for like three weeks, and so I went to the doctors this Tuesday and I learned from them yesturday (yes, right after I got done waking up early, walking miles in the weeds up to my waist and bumpy ground, and da da da, sprinting up hill carrying and heavy deer rifle and wearing combat boots) that I have Mono. That means I'm supposed to be doing things like, sleeping, resting, relaxing and sitting in front of the fire wearing corderoys and a sweater!

They call it the kissing sickness becuase people supposedly only get it from very close contact with people, but I haven't kissed anyone since I was like, heck, how long has it been? At the most I was four. And I think that's a little bit past the normal incubation period for mono ; ) Actualy I have researched it a bit and you can actualy somtimes catch it just freom touching things that others have touched... so I guess that myth is busted!

We think I probably got it durring the community fair weekend, since thats perfect timeing from when I started to get sick, not to mention it's the only time I've really been out other than church since then. They say it lasts four to eight weeks, and I'm hoping that since I know I've had it for three weeks already, I'll be over it soon, for now, I feel tired. I'm on a perscription now for the cold symptoms so they are almost gone, but I still feel really wiped out and almost faint some of the time.

Well, if you could pray that I'd recover quickly that would be great! : )

- drew

Monday, October 16, 2006

Grapes and Lakes

Today we went grape picking up in the finger-lakes region. We got up early this morning to and piled into the Yukon and I drove up to Wegmans in NY where we were supposed to meet everybody. It turns out that a lot more people were comming than we originaly thought. So after getting everything coordinated we set off for the Weaver's viniard. We disembarked and got all the stuff ready, and after following Del over to play on the swing set (good times :), returned and took off into the fields. After a wrong turn and Del having to run a ways after our group (I tried to get them to stop : (, we finaly got there and started to grape (I guess I'll call it that).

First we picked Purple Concords, which are the kind red wine is made of. They were a bit scarce at first, but eventualy we found some good rows and were able to meet the quota. Next we moved over to the Green kind, whose official name I can't remember, but white wine and grape juice are made of. They were much more pletiful and we didn't have to spend long on them. After that my family went down the hill and met the Weavers who are really nice. They showed us the Italian juiceing equipment which was really cool (my mind goes back to the 20 hr. sessions we used to have to spend with our own little steamer).

After that we took off home (without really even saying goodbye to anyone : (, where we canned the juice.

Tis all for now.

God Bless!

- Vandrew

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Did you know that the reason it is considered
to be unlucky is because, according legend , it is the day that some king ordered the Night's Templer
to be burned at the stake. So really, if you don't like the NT, you could actualy
look at it as a lucky day.

- Vandrew

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Comumuntiy Fair and Open House

Last Sunday was our Church's annual community fair! The "E - Team" came up from Covenant Fellowship and helped out. I was able to participate more this year than in the past because I got to stay at the Jurors house (you guys are the greatest!) which was a real blessing. That first night we stuffed a bunch of breakfast packets for the E-team to give out early the next morning. That morning after a brief orientation and time of worship we started off with a carwash which despite cool temperatures went really well. We washed over a hundred cars (or close to that) between our two locations. After that Jesse took Mattea and Jen and I up onto the hillside which is sort of the old part of Corning where we stuck invitations to the CF in a lot of doors. Next we went down where after a quick bite to eat we found some other members of the E-team giving away free drinks and snacks on Market Street.

That next day the community fair went really well. We had bad weather, but never the less, more people attended than I can ever remember before. Even some French people (well, I think they are actualy U.S. citizens, but they spoke French) that Delian and the rest of us invited on Market Street came out.

Church the next day was very good. The worship service was one of the best we have had. I was in CM for the message, but I assume that was good also. Afterwards I went home with my Parents whom I hadn't seen in a couple of days. I was glad to see them although this sort of thing always kid of makes me wish that I lived closer in afterwards. But I'm glad I was able to spend the weekend.

I did school this week. This Saturday was an open house at my Dads office. Mr. Polczinsky (I should probably leatn how to spell his name for sure now that he works with us), Mr. Mieklejohn (his too), Mr. Slack and Jordan were all there to help. It wasn't overly busy, but we still managed to sell a couple of stoves. I had been fighting a cold for a couple days and that afternoon it hit me full force. My eyes got more bloodshot than I remember them ever being and I couldn't think of anything but sleeping. That evening when the Slack kids stayed at our house it got worse. I started to have an ear infection and couldn't do much of anything. I was able to go to Church this morning, although if any of you got close to me (which not many of you did) you probably noticed my red eyes....

I think I'm on the down hill side of that now though... So another week tomorrow.

Hope it goes well for you all!

God bless!

- striderguy

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shrub Removal

Today my Dad took us all over to the office with him, since my Mom is still recovering from a dental procedure. The kids (well, I guess I would be considered a kid in some circles, but for simplicities sake I'll refer to my younger siblings as 'kids') went down and played at the creek that's behind the building, while I drove the truck and trailer with the skidsteer on board (my Dad was with me)up to the Polczinkies (man do they have the longest drive way ever!) to pick up the backhoe that we had left there.

When we got back to Mulberry Center (my Dads office) we (A contractor named Todd that works with us, his son Zack, my Dad and I) used the backhoe uproot all the shrubs that were growing around the building. Sanna was absolutely fascinated by the whole affair and we had quite a time keeping her from joining in herself! Eventually Mattea took her inside and I opened a window right in front of where we were so she could sit there and watch.

It all went rather well until it came to loading the last few plants on. These happened to be sumac, which is poisonous, only we didn't know that until after we handled it.... My Dad, Zack and I all ended up touching it (Todd somehow avoided it). By the time we drove home I had hundreds (or close to that many) of little red welts all over the back of my right hand and the underside of my left forearm. Fortunately, I wasn't affected to badly since there gone now. My Dad still has some though.

I was upset when my Mom looked at my schedule for the next month and found out that I was on for line duty both days of the weekend that the E team is hear, which really shouldn't happen, but it did. I sent out an email to the group to see if anyone can swap times with me (at any rate now it looks like I may be on once just about every weekend in October). If that doesn't work out then I guess I'll probably just skip, even if it means getting kicked out of the club... I don't want to miss the community fair.

Speaking of scheduling, I just got a jolt when I realized that I was on for both Ushers and worship tomorrow morning. I guess that's pretty much my fault though since I haven't been looking far enough ahead to tell them when I have conflicts, so I'll have to start getting the two things more synchronized.

PS. Damaris, I would try to see you as a surfer, except that I don't think that I've ever seen you before, so it's kind of hard to visualize. : )

- drew

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It was the 2nd training session for Nicole at the Soul Works today. She's learned very fast and I think will soon be the one that makes most of them.

It was also my 2nd day of school today. I'm studying Ancient Egypt right now. It's the begining of the cycle for Tapestry of Grace and I think this is going to be one of the most interesting years since I have always enjoyed Ancient History.

It's getting colder out side and the leaves are starting to change very slightly. None the less, I am still refusing to start dressing like it (although I may very soon) and still go swimming. The good news is we will be getting a heat exchanger for the Omega soon so that we can heat our pool! (I think I almost gave my self an ear infection going it today) I think we may be the only people in the world (at least in this hemisphere) with an inflatable pool still up in October!

A lot stuff going on with the Church this week so I should see a lot of you guys. Hope your all doing well!

God Bless!

- drew

Saturday, September 09, 2006

They Got Him

They caught Ralf "Bucky" Phillips yesterday evening on the PA state line, which is really good because the people I know were looking for him are safe now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Of Smoke Grenades, Freezing Water and Meat that Turns Red When Cooked

It was Sanna's Birthday today! Actualy, she dosn't turn two until Thursday I think, but we celebrated it today, not everybody could be there on the real one. We had the Grandparents over and Sanna was so exited! We got so many cute pictures of her opening presents and blowing out candles!

Today I had to clean the pool, which was crazy because it was so cold. But the remnants of Huricane Ernesto knocked a bunch of leaves into it, and my Dad was thinking that if we couldn't clean it out we would have to put it away for the season. So I jumped in and it was crazy cold! I started doing bobs, at which point my Dad stuck his hand in and remarked "that really is cold".

When my Dad and I were grilling the hot dogs and venison sausages for the party we were disturbed to see that after sausages had cooked for about the normal time (and been parboiled) they were still red on the inside. So we did the only thing we could think of: slit them down the center and put them back on the grill. After franticly trying to do that for a few minutes, I flipped one and saw that it was even more red than before! As it turns out, that kind of sausege does turn red on the inside as it cooks, so it turns out it was ok.

We ended up shooting off a couple of fireworks which has become sort of a tradition at our house, and nearly killed our selves (which is well on it's way to becoming tradition)! After several unsuccesful attempts to use a sparkler as a time delay fuse for one of the fire works, me Dad just lit one on fire and jammed it in the fuse hole. It worked. And my Dad got a burned hand. After that, I set off one of Derricks smoke grenade thingy's which was pretty cool.

Guess that's all!

Talk to you later!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Week's of Vacation

It's the first nice day that we have really had this week down here. It was raining when I woke up this morning just as it has the past couple of day's. However, by the early afternoon the sun was beganing to show through and now it is almost completely sunny.

It's been a rather long and boring second to last week of Summer vacation, mostly because of the rain probably. I have managed to do some stuff outside though despite it.

I did make a lot of souls (jewlery) up at the barn yesterday.

Anything exiteing happened with all of you?


Friday, August 25, 2006

Late August

The last few weeks of summer are upon us. I can't really say I'm looking forward to starting school again. But looking at where I was at this time last year, I've been reminded of Gods goodness in my life and in my whole family for that matter.

It's been a fairly typical week down hear (or up if your going by elevation). Not a lot going on, which is good for this time of year. I finished a very good book: Love in the Driest Season which is not as puffy as it sounds, on the contrarey really, it was quite stomach churning. It's the true story about an Amercan Couple in 1996-2000 trying to Adopt a little girl form Zimmbabwie, which is no easy feet.

My Dad went down to Hazelton this morning to help out some freinds who had been stranded there over night when there car broke down on the way back from vacation. Everything went fine, although I think it was a little crowded in the truck....

The Garden is doing well, another sign of the season. And I have been swimming a lot, which is not a normal sign of the season.

And we are beganing to have an electrical storm here. It's funny, I was just talking with Mr. St'. Angelo, and he said it was comming through up there and he had to get off. Now it (I assume it's the same front) is here. So I had better hurry up and post this before something happens! : )

Hope you all have a great week!

And feel free to leave any comments, snubbs, insults or downright ninja challanges in the comment box! ; )


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ag Progress Days

It was a really long week, and it's actually not over yet, since it's Thursday, and weeks don't end until Saturday and.... Well at any rate, I spent to days in State College PA with my Dad and Brother at Ag Progress Day's which is pretty much the biggest farm show in PA. Now we were selling stoves and aside from a few breaks to eat, I think it would be safe to say I talked to somebody about buying a stove about every five minutes! It must be the high gas prices. I don't know if anybody I talked to will decide to actualy buy, but I think I must have talked to a hundred of them!

My Dad brought us home the last night so that we could be back for Caregroup tonight. He went back down this morning but should be back late tonight.

All for now.


Monday, August 14, 2006

In State College

I'm in our hotel room in State College now. We just finished setting up at the Ag Progress Days and are going out to get some food now. It's the first day and I'm slready sore. And my Dad and I have both come to the conclusion that we are sick of heavy-duty trailer straps.

.......Ok, we are back now. So, Penn State is a really big school. Interstingly, my Dad just told me that it is at the exact center of the State, but according to a guy who owned a restoraunt he used to go to here when he was in College, it's actualy "the center of the Universe" ; )

It's going to be a rather big day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to put some of the sales training I got down in Lancaster last week to good use. Form a guy named German, who was from Austria, but that's a long story.

On the way back form there, my Dad let me drive the Pickup pulling the trailer. Now driving with a trailer on a highway isn't that bad on a highway. But then we went through Williamsport. My Dad was going to switch with me, but he decided that since there was only one real turn, it would be ok it for me to drive. It turned out there was construction and we ended up having to go through what seemed like about ten (it was probably about 5) intersections and and some on and off ramps and other crazy stuff, and I had never really gone through an intersection before, and now I had the trailer! However, I didn't destroy anything, so it turned out being really cool... although I was rather tired afterwords.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Youth Camp Analyst

I said the Pink Team would win. - The Pink Team won. - I am naming myself the unofficial YC analyst. ; )

After Church I went to the Efthimues with Mattea and stayed there for the afternoon. After lunch Daniel spotted a wood chuck and we went out after it. I fired two shots but missed. Then we played paintball - and I had much more success than with the woodchuck. We dragged a bunch of barrels out into a remote field (I'm still sore) hid behind them and commenced to shoot at eachother. We played one round without much action. Then we played single shot, and things really started to happen; Daniel yelled go, we popped up from our barrels. I fired one shot; I saw Daniel lean over his barrel, then slide down the back of it, then lay there in the grass moaning, I had hit him in the ribs. We exchanged fire for a few minutes, in which time, although I didn't mention it, Daniel came within a couple inches of hitting my head... the sound of a paintball wizzing past your ear is not really a comforting one, then, I saw him kneel down to reload. I shot, he fell behind the barrel and started moaning again, it it had hit him on top of he head. A few minutes later, after exchanging a few dozen more rounds of fire Daniel stood up to shoot Abrahm returned fire; Daniel truned and ran, he fell, he shot himself in the leg. He decided to take a break. Interestingly, none of the paintballs broke, so according to the rules he wasn't out. Now it was down to Abrham and I; Abrahm got me. We were in a stand off for about ten minutes, then I leaned over the barrel and smack, be hit me in the hand. Arguably the most painfull place to get hit. After that, not much happend, exept for Abrham shooting me twice in the backside at point blank range, on two different occasions, when he was supposed to be on time out. We were all quite sore when we returned to the house.

We were there for the campfire party/testimonial time and it was very moving. But you all know that. ; )


Saturday, August 05, 2006


So did any of you die/get killed?

Hope it was a great time!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Three Events

It has been a while since I posted and a good bit of stuff has happened, so I shall simply recall a few of them.

1. We had a caregroup pick-nick at our house and Derrick tempted fate more times than I have energy to recall with his crazy pyrotechnicueness. It started when a bunch of little kids were sitting around a fire having a happy time roasting marshmellows and talking about qaint things that little kids talk about. Then, Bang! Crackle! Bang! Pop! Crash! Hot coals, flames, five year olds, and an unfortunet Delian Cornfield were scattered through the air in all directions! What had happened? Mr. Juror had throun a handfull of something that's illegal in NY into the fire. From then on, it only escaleted and culminated with my Dad improvising a flamethrower and using it to send a large bundle of something else that's illegal in NY into the night sky!

2. The Troy Fair is going on. Iv'e been working there a good bit, and boy, some really scary people live around here. But I won't go into that. Iv'e been working at the ThisWarmHouse (se the link in my link section) booth and it has gone rather well. Between talking to customers, I have managed to, eat a funnle cake, listen to Click 5 (a semi-local boy band) perform, eat a blooming onion, listen to about five hundred teenage girls scream at the top on their lungs as Click 5 performed, drink a lot of lemonade, oh, and read a criticaly acclaimed book on the African AIDs Orphan Crisis.

3. Since my last post War has broken out in Lebanon, Isreal and is threatening to consume the rest of the Middle-East. Thank you.

PS. Feel free to continue the comment line from my last post. It was fun.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Arrest that man, He's talking about John Calvin!"

The Conference was phenomonal! I spent nearly all of my time at it listening to upwards of eight hours of lectures a day. And I learned a lot. The building the conference in was amazing... some sort of wacked out modern architiecture... at any rate, it was cool. The hotel was sweet too and they had the best breakfasts! I ate breakfast every morning, which is unusual for me. The only down side is I never got to go to the beach.

On the one day that I had an afternoon off, I went with my family to see my Dads old house in Virginia Beach. That was fun because even he hadn't seen it in like 35 years or something like that.

While we were in VA Beach a lot of other people where going on tours of Williams Burg. While Doug Phillips was giving a lecture on the influence of John Calvin on our history, this, aparently crazy (aperently) guy came up and started swearing at him and trying to argue with him. Then he went over to some policemen who were near by and said, and I quote: "Arrest that man, He's talking about John Calvin!". Can you beleive that! That's actualy what happened!

There is probably more I could talk about, but I have to get ready to go, so see you later!


Monday, July 10, 2006

History of the World Mega-Conference

Tomorrow we leave 5:00 am or so for Hampton Virginia where I am going to the first ever Histroy of the World Mega-Conference (which is something of an historic event in and of it's self... if you like History, that is.... I know, I know, I can be such a nerd when I feel like it ; ). It's being put on by Vision Forum and will be held at some convention center. Since it's pretty close to Virginia Beach, the rest of my family will be comming along, and I may just decide to miss a few speeches in order to go there with them ; ).

We will be leaving on Saturday at the latest (I think), which is the same day that the Snapps and Rawliegs get there, so there is very very slim possibilty that we may wave at eachother as they pass.

We should be back in Church this Sunday, and if theres wireless anywhere I'll post from Virginia. Otherwise see you then!

PS. Who did you say plays bass?


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Not Much

Not much has happened since my last post.

I'm going to Harris Hill today.

We leave for Virginia this next week.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

This Weekend

I had a rather frusterating week what with trying to abtain a learners permit and all (our backward little permit office is only open one day a week). Then I went up to Harris Hill in hopes of being able to fly, or at least help out, but alas!, they had everyone they needed and the flight instructor was sick! My Dad let me drive almost all the way home though, which was great! It dawned on me how really the worst road all the way between Corning and our house is the one that our house is on... which is interesting....

Today after church had a picknick with the St. Clairs, the Slacks, the Snapps and Alex, and we played ultimate frisbe, although there were only about three people on each team... and I had a bruised knee from falling up the stairs this morning... which impaired my game (not to imply that its very good to began with).

Then we went up to the glen in hopes of seeing the Porshe Rally that's going on there (my Dad is a big fan of that, and it's my parents anniversery today...) only to be truned away at the gate with the words "not open to the public" can you believe that?!

After that, we invited the Cornfields over (Happy Birthday Del) she is sixteen now... not to imply in any way that she is not still young and foolish (sorry, I couldn't resist that line and I think your like the only one who reads this anyways;) Everyone was rather tired, at least most of the older people... so we mostly just moped around and had smores (aside from Del taking a quick loop abou the lane... And I think that some of your family members are giving you too hard a time about your driving Del... but then, I suppose being the oldest usualy means being given a hard time abou tmost things....), but it was still fun.


Monday, June 26, 2006

My head is stuck and I'm sad (but for another reason)

I can hardly believe that the Woody boys are leaving in two days : ( ! To think that only yesterday I was sitting in church and talking with them and playing ultimate frisbe and Halo with them (for indeed Halo was just yesterday, although most of you were proabably asleep) and now, I may not see them again for a really long time!

Whether it was staying up all night playing video games, sleeping for a couple hours on the floor, standing up all morning in church as an usher, playing ultimate, Adam slamming into my back for no apparnent reason producing and audible crack from inside my body (at least I heard it) or perhaps eating something I'm alergic to I do not know, however, I woke up this morning in a rather great deal on pain and unable to trun my head even a slight bit to the right, a condition in which I have remained for most of the day. I think it is a bit better though, and I'm certain that it should be gone by tomorow....


Sunday, June 18, 2006


It appears that Emma is doing rather well (as most of you have probably seen). She has been able to sit up and walk slowly, in fact, when I saw her on Saturday, it seemed that her parents biggest concern was to keep her from doing to much. : ) They say that her liver was completely ruptured on one side, and that if she is not very careful during the healing process, it could rerupture, so caution is definately due. However, It's still very great to see her doing as well as she is, much better than we expected. She was even able to come to church this morning! So thanks to everybody for your prayers, and please continue to pray that the healing continues to go well.

I had a really fun time at Chris's belated Brithday Party! We played wiffleball, and I scored, which is unusual for me to do. After that, we watched remember the Titians, which I think is now one of my favorite movies, which is also unusual, since I usualy don't like sports movies, but hey, perhaps I'm turning over a new leaf, which would probably not be such a bad thing....

Church went very well this morning, and it was cool because I had actualy been thinking about some of the songs that they they did the night before.

We just made a remarkable discovery: that there actualy is a jonre (I know, that's spelled wrong) of video games that my Dad likes; Racing Games!

And that is all I have the energy to say right now.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Flinging Mice

It seems that Emma is doing better now and I believe she will be able to come home sometime soon, although I'm not exactly sure when. She will still have to be very careful for months though, and wont even be able to get out of bed for several weeks.

It's been nice wheather out, and my Dads had some contractors over to overhaul our entire heating system, so, on the days that I hanen't been working, I have gotten some good hunting in. And I have been on quite a little killing streak lately! I got two woodchucks and a couple few squirels just in about a three day period. Maybe it was four, but at any rate, it's something of a personal record for me to get that many ground hogs that fast. There's still at least one left to get in the spot I've been going though, so maybe I'll get another.

At Mullbery today, when I wasn't stacking the endless pile of fire wood, I pulled up all these huge weeds that were growing along the bank and down near the creek. Not many custumers came today, which was disapointing, because I don't get to practice my sales pitch, or even talk to anyone really. Tia was there (yes Tai, you were there today, if you didn't know... isn't this news!) and Derick stopped in for a moment.

We have been doing a lot of work up at the Polcinzkias (sorry if I didn't get that right). And that's been rather fun. Last evening, Mr. Michaeljohn was there, and we killed a whole bunch of mice, and Mr. Polcinzkia threatened to throw them at Mr. Michaeljohn, who didn't appreciate it very much. ; )

I don't know if I'll be going soaring tomorrow, what with the Efthimues schedual and all, but at anyrate, I should see you all at the carwash. I may be rather out of it though, considering that it's rather late, and I may not fall asleep for some time yet, do to that wonderful iced raspberry mocha espresso I drank in mansfield. My goodness that thing was good....

- Striderguy

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update on Emma

Emma seems to be doing somewhat better, although her liver it is severly damaged (on a scale of 1 - 5, five being worst, it was given a 4). I believe that she was life flighted to Rochester where she will probably undergo surgery. Today she was sitting up and playing a game with her Mom though, so she does seem to be doing a bit better.

Please continue to pray for her and her family.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request for Emma

If you don't know already, I would like you all to pray for my little cousin Emma who was just was just seriously injured in an accident with their van. Although they don't know the details, it is apperant that she has serious abdominal trauma, and internal bleeding. If you would also pray for the rest of the Efthimiue family, that God would comfort them in this trial.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

First Flight!

I had a rather full day, which is unusual for me. Started off by going to the Efthimues for Worship Practice. I then ate lunch at their house and proceeded up to up to Harris Hill to the soaring club. It was a rather cloudy, and very windy day, but never the less, I was able to take my first flight with Ryan! And it was one of the coolest things ever! There were really fast winds coming across the ridges and we only had to be towed 500 ft before we let go. And it was awsome! The wind made it like a rollercoaster and whenever we made a really sharp turn, the G's (which I didn't think gliders could produce for some reason) made my head feel like it was going to explode! But it was lots of fun! After that, we went out for pizza with the Jurors and I had a good talk with Chris and all of them.

That's all I have time to say, so see you tomorrow.


Friday, June 09, 2006

I feel like... I would like to be somewhere else doing something that matters.

- Matt Teason

We've seen a lot of bears lately, so many that we can't go on walks anymore without taking guns.

I'm going up to Harris Hill after Worship Rehersal tomorrow, and I should be able to go soaring for my first time.

And I feel rather strange right now... half depressed, half agressive, and haunted by an interesting sense of meaninglesness. Its also half likely that I'll feel completely different in the morning.... So good night.


Monday, June 05, 2006


We planted the garden this evening as we came back to the house my Mom saw this hideous brown spider under the lame on the side of our house. Naturaly, I couldn't resist the opporotunity. So hear it is.

I worked over at my Grandpa Prutsmans house today. Mowed the lawn and helped him do some wood working. See you tomorrow (I think) Tia.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pop Goes the Woodchuck

Got another woodchuck today. From my bedroom widnow this time. And it was another headshot. I didn't take any pictures this time (is that chearing I hear?).

That was fun at the Darrenkamps, eh. We took the Jurors to the PA Grand Canyon, and we drove like 60 mph down all these dirt roads all the way there, and we were in front, so you should have seen what the Jurors car looked like a afterwards!

Can't wait to have some of you guys over this Sunday!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Past Week

All of us after church.

The truck I loaded this week...

Chruch was really, really good today wasn't it. Worship was great and the message was really interesting. I don't recall hearing to many on communion before, and it was good.

Had a good talk, ok, so it was a debate, afterwards with some friends.

And I am still rather sore from work this past week! I did almost a full time week (or at least would have normaly, but there were some interuptions)! And it was almost all highly strenuos stuff with wood. I had to load that truck by hand! It's actually a dump truck. And I wasn't on the ground either. Most of the time I was hopping, waltzing and striding about atop an eight foor high (and unstable in areas) wood stack and chucking the thrity-six inch things in!

I think I want to get a Celtic harp.

-Vandrew the Strider.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Canton Mennonite

I missed you guys on Sunday. I would have liked to go, but we had been promising to go and visit our old church for a while now. And it was good to see some of my old freinds too. That Sunday, instead of a sermon, there was a couple that my parents new, because he had a similar problem as my Dad, gave their testimony, which was very moving. Afterwards there was a fellowship dinner. I was happy to see my old friend Thomas playing guitar, although I actualy didn't recognize him until he was done, because I had only ever seen him with a crew cut and now he has a whole bunch of hair!

I worked all day at my Grandparents house in Troy today. My Papa T and I tore out a stump in his backyard, and it took like five hours of crazy hard work. It could have been done in about ten minutes with a backhoe, but we only had hand tools. Never the less, after hours of shoveling, sawing, hacking, splitting smashing and other things that would make your insurence company jack your rates if they got wind of it, we finaly got the thing.

I'm starting work at my Dads tomorrow, so that should be good. Although I shall probably be really, really sore!

Friday, May 19, 2006

He's OK

We just found out that they released my Dad. They say that his carotids are fine and that the pain was from a "severe vascular headache" which apparently is like a migraine, only worse. So we're going to get him today. Thanks so much for the prayer and encouragement.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thanks so much for your prayer and concern guys. They seem to have pretty much determined that it was not a split artery, which is good, but one of the nuerologists thinks that he still sees something unusual (I know from last time that you can hardly get these guys to agrea on the color of an orange!) so they have decided to keep him over night. We kind of wanted him to be able to come back tonight, but I guess this is good, since they'll be able to moniter him and make sure everything goes ok. So it's our hope that he will be able to come home tomorrow.



Prayer Request for My Dad

My Dad has had a bad headache for the last two days and today it was so bad that he went to the ER. When they examined him, they found that his pupils were unevenly dialated, which is a sign that one side of your brain isn't working right. They gave him a catscan, and then an MRA and, alhtough I'm not really certain, they seem to be afraid that his left carotid artery is disected, which is the same thing that happened to him last year and caused him to have a stroke. So at any rate, they are Life Flighting him the Gisinger Hospital. So if you read this, could you please pray for him!


The Evaluator is In the House!

Today's the day that we hafe been preparing for all year long! The Evaluation! In Pennsylvania we have to have an evaluator come to our house and look at all the work that we do and our portfolios and we have to get everything ready. And today, as I sit here writing, she is here! Issac is going now, I Mattea is going next and I, as usual am going last. I think everything is going to go without a problem, since I did everything that your supposed to do. And I'm much more prepared then I was last year, and I passed then....


Sunday, May 14, 2006

This Morning This Afternoon and This Summer

Good day at Church wasn't it. Worship was really good this morning and it was cool how Mr. Snapp invited the youth up to pray and thank God for their Mothers (all of you did such a great job!). And I got a lot of good notes on the sermon. The only catch is; it was the Mother's Day Message. So what am I going to do with them?! Give them to my Mom? That was my only regret; that my Mom couldn't be there for much of it since she was in CM this morning teaching.

I discovered a new and wonderful use for the patio my Dad and I built yesterday; a stage! It has an outlet so I can hook in amplifiers and the way it's situated against the house gives it some great acoustics for broadcasting what ever I play through the woods and out over the countryside! Not that there is anyone to hear it mind you, (which is probably a good thing ; ) but it's cool in principle. And I think it's big enough that you could just fit a full drum set on it too, not that I have one of those either mind you, (which is probably a good thing too) but it's a cool idea. So for now it's just my and my Aria, but it's fun anyways.

When we got home we had my Moms parents over and said happy Mother's day to my Grandma, and my Grandpa wants me to do some work for him this summer, which is going to be rather interesting since my dad already has a fairly substantial job ready for me this summer at his Mansfield Office (which means I'll probably be seeing you a good bit Tia, since I hear your working down there as well). I hope I can work there mostly instead of the Soul Works, because I like being there better. I guess I'll be working a bit grounding up at the Soaring field on Harris Hill too, which should be pretty fun since I'll be with the Efthimues and, eventualy,(in a couple weeks) I can start flying with an instructer.

So what did you think of Church this morning?


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Big Day

Big day today. At ten we're leaving for the carwash (and pray that it dosn't rain) for our church and then after that, as if I won't be tired enough of scrubbing things, I'll be going up to Harris hill on the glider strip to helpout on in the hanger and on the field. Technicaly I'm not part of the Club yet, but I think I can get the hours I put in to count for when I am. And then I can start soaring!

Last night my Dad and I finished (almost) the brick patio around our enterence way that we have been working on for a couple days now. I looks really nice, and we built it all from stuff we had lying around the farm. That dosn't really say much though, as the amount of stuff lying around the farm is very, very large.

This evening, in review.

Went up to Harris Hill and helped get the glider out of the hanger. Then Rachel and Daniel went in it with the instructer. I can't go up until I officialy join, but it was fun watching any way. Rachel expirienced a rather unusual landing but was ok. But we all ended up having to push the glider like 200 yds. back to the other end of the runway. We ended up leaving early because in was raining and they ended up closing the opperation down for the afternoon, which was kind of lucky for the Efthimues as they would have otherwise had to stay until six.

Wish I could have stayed longer at the car wash, but at least I got to see everybody. : )

See you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Events in the Life of an Unsocialized Guitarist

Played my electric for the first time this evening, at YSOS that is. I think it went pretty well and I was glad to see Beth playing bass for, what is to my knowlege, the first time ever! Rock on Beth! I have now decided that electric guitar is almost to much fun. I think in some ways its actualy easier than bass, since you don't have to keep the rythum going so much, then on the other hand, its a lot more complicated, so maybe its just me, because I struggle with rythum. And Del said that I have a Hot Guitar, I hadn't really thought of it in that light before, since I would general think of hot as being a brighter red, but to them that's theirs (at least it is well liked).

Saw a bear tonight! We got out of the car, and my Dad almost ran into it! We ended up chasing ti across the yard and into the field, whence we lost sight of it. Alas, I was able to get no pictures of this one, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Evaluations are comming up next week and I'm working really hard to get ready.

I haven't watched the news since like forever and I feel deprived because of that.

And I'm really, really bad at sports. It dawns on me every year about this time that I really, really suck at just about anything that would be considered sports. I suppose its because I have never had anyone around here to play with on a regular bases, so perhaps I can change, but it means rewriting a lot of history and I don't know.

It's getting rather late, so goodby.


Monday, May 01, 2006


Can you believe it guys. After all that running about in the field armed with base ball bats and and improvised flamethrowers, violateing safety zones, not to mention nearly setting a 25 acre field on fire, (the video should be out soon) I trot up the road, get that, just trot up the road (I was not road hunting mind you, and the field was our's, for and PGC informers who may be reading this), step over into the field, and get one the old fashioned way, with out any fuss! One shot kill too. And it was a big one, almost as tall as Sanna when it was all stretched out (Sanna failed to comprehend the gravity of the situation, and kept waveing at it and trying to say hi).

For a few more photos go to
I put them there since I didn't really want to make anybody see anything they'd rather not....

Well, I guess that's all, exept, Hail to all of yesterdays WOODCHUCK WACKERS!
We shall have to do it again some time.


Friday, April 28, 2006

National Anthem In Spanish? ...Must Be Alex's Doing.

Well.... It's kind of late, Friday Night hear, and for some reason I feel like blogging (you don't suppose it has anything to do with that little cup black tea I drank around 8:30 do you?). So what's happened? I am having some trouble remembering.... Oh yes, yesterday evening, I finished my very first VFR style Flight Plan and faxed it into Aeroscholers. So I'm glad I got that finished. It was really hard! First you had to plot out your course on a flight chart (mine just happened to be from Portland, Oregon to Walla Walla) then you had to establish check points all along that route, then write it all down in the flight plan, then figure out how long it takes to get from on checkpoint to the next and how far each point is from the end, then you had to do these seemingly endless calculations (that wern't that hard, it's just there were a lot of them) involving your fuel and a whole lot of other stuff I can't recall right now. The good new's is now I'm almost done with the course. I just have to take the finals and that will be it.

I'm reviewing like crazy for my history course (final exam is in one week!!!)! Doing all sorts of stuff for that. Enough about school!

So what do you think about them recording a spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner? President Bush didn't seem to think to much of it from what I heard of his press conference this afternoon in the White House Rose Garden. I'm not sure what I think about it. Seems ok, but one thing's for certain: if Alex, or excuse me Alehandro finds out about this, we are never going to hear the end of it! You don't think he could be behind all of this do you? ; )

I usualy don't discuss current events on this blog, but I'm in the mood tonight. So do you no that Mexico just made possesion of small amounts of drugs legal, as long as there for "personal use" which seems rather ironic to me, considering that it's still ellegal to sell them! I rather doubt that Alex is behind that one... although he did sort of look the part that time that he showed up at band practice and PJ said --- you know what, I'm not going to tell you what he said because it's usualy not safe! ; )

That's all for now!

PS. Sorry Alex.

Speedy Andraey

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today's Post

Played on the Worship Team for the first time this morning, went rathar well, exept that I couldn't hear myself that well due to an ongoing problem with the monitors. But most of you know that already.... Why do you know that already? Oh yeah, you were there! ; ) So I shan't say any more about that... since you already know every thing there is to know about it... becouse you were there. Glad I got that figured out!

So, I took a practice exam for histroy. Did rathar poorly, as in, I would have failed it, however, that was only the multiple choice section, and since thats only half the grade and the other half is three essay's which I'm sure I did rathar well on, but can't tell becouse you can't really grade them your self, I think it would have counter balenced on the exam and put my actualy score back into the black. All the same, I shall be studying hard at that this week. But enough bout that!

Turky Season starts soon, so if I do happen to go out any morning, then I'll write about it hear, if it's interesting. To think that I started this blog by talking about hunting! Seems like a really long time ago! In fact however, it was actualy only like five months ago. That post is at the bottom of this my November file if you should feel inclined to read about it (it's the time I got shot at (near) : ).

All for now!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!

At the Annual Sovereign Grace Church Easter Egg Hunt (and not all those eggs are on the ground!)

And though trees still be bear, and the winter sky pale,

Life is even bursting forth there.

Even on the forest floor.

At my Grandparents house, with many more,

We Celebrate the wonderful news of Christs death and resurection!

So consider this a brief diversion from my my usualy synical, often as not militant dialog ; ).


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Caught in a Hail Storm [i'm back]

I'm back! I've been so busy the last month that I havan't even taken a look at the blogs, let alone posted any thing. Something had to go, so unfortunetly, I decidied bloging. But now, I'm back!

The events that have elapsed since my last post are so numerous and complex that the idea of describing them all makes me feel like going to sleep, so, I'll try to sum it up in one long sentence. I have been covorting across the state to debating tournaments (the details of which you can read about on the Corning Debate Club Blog) , being nervous about my SAT, doing the SAT, recovering from the SAT, trying to finish up my aviation course, plugging along with AP History, writing papers and other brutul rights of passage that modern "civilization" forces us to go through (for indeed they are only rights of passage, becouse their only purpose is for you to prove how good you are, and do not actualy accomplish anything). Huh, how was that for a sentence?

So, on to what happened today: My Mom and I took Sanna (my baby sister) and went for a walk as we often do. We got about half way through when we saw some lightning (the sky had been clouded over for a little while) and decided to trun back. We got part way home when this huge gust of wind blew my hat off. That was followed by another, and another until there was this constant 30 - 40 mph wind. Then, the rain started, and then the hail, and the hail was little and jagged and it cut into your skin when it hit at 40 mph, we endured that for about ten minutes (I would guess) before we found this little DSL building to hide behind. We waited there until the hail had stopped and the continued on. Now, ofcourse, people had come out in cars looking for us and wondering if we were ok. And we were (although Sanna and my Mom were a bit shaken up). So that's what happened today.

Please feel free to comment!

P.S. If you don't read anything worth commenting on, then perhaps you should just comment on something random. ; )


Thursday, March 16, 2006

50 en' D.C.

50th Post! That's kind of exiteing isn't it.

The main reason I'm posting is to say that we're off to D. C. for the rest of the week.

But it's 2:19 AM right now, and I am to tired to say much elese about it. I've been working on school for the past 18 hours strait (expept for breaks to eat) so that I don't have to work on it the rest of the week. So now I'm packing. And I pray that I'll be able to sleep on the way tomorow.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


I certainly have a love hate relationship with this wireless network my Dad put in this year, but today I'm definately loveing it! It's a perfectly wonderful day here! First in a long while. I just spent all morning slaveing over the computer to finish up school that I'm not supposed to have to do on a Saturday, but, I guess that's the way the world works. So now it's in the fifties, and unless you have been around here fro the last six months, I don't think you could have any idea how hot that feels! So now I'm siting here outside bloging this and I think I'm getting a little sunburn, which is way cool!

So, all the robbins came in yesterday along with a bunch of other birds and it sounds like the country side out here (probably cause it is). I love bird songs! it's one of those things that you don't notice to much durring the rest of the year, but it's so asome when you finaly hear it in the spring time, and you know that something was missing before, although you may not have been sure exactly what.

Drime or, excuse me, Silent Cry is tommorow and I really don't remember much of the mime at all! I think I could still manage the chorus, but I don't know about the verses.

A random question that I have been asking of late; Have you ever read Beowulf? Well, have you? Did you know that J. R. R. Tolken was one of the primary authorities on Beowulf and I think hae gained a lot of his inspiration from it. So if your a true fan of LOTR you should read Beowulf. Then we could learn to speak Old English and start a club!

Van Drew

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I'm not exactly sure, (how long it takes to stack a cord) I think around an hour or so, maybe less. I think I gave the wrong measerment in my last post, there a little bigger. I don't know how many there are going to be though. My Dad keeps on ordering in more and more of it. It's all very nice, mostly cherry and maple which burn very well. Unfortunetly there very, very heavy too! So Jesse... do you want a Job? No, just kidding, I'll get in trouble if I start giving away job offers! ; )

Van Drew

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Moveing Mountains... Of Wood?

This morning I ventured out to Mansfield with my Dad to go get wood from his office. He has a bunch of it over there that he just bought. Since he sells stoves there, he figueres it should be pretty easy to sell it again for a profit after it has seasoned for a few months. There's just one catch: You have to sell fire wood by the chord, which is a measrerment of mass. That is, a stack about three ft. wide, three deep and five ft. tall. Now, the fire wood is currently in this huge single pile that takes up about half the parking lot. And this is where I come in ; ). My Dad, Grandpa, and mostly I have to restack the entire thing. So, it looks like that's what I'll be doing for a few weeks this summer. It shouldn't be to bad though, at least not when compared to the whole lawn contracting escapade we got involved with the summer before last!

Still rather cold here, but, I hear it's supposed to get up to the sixty's next week. I guess that's ok, but I was just getting used to the cold. The weather in March is always so bipolar though. In like a lion and out like a lamb, Eh!

See you all tomorow!

And, by the way, some of you had displayed some interest in the interview with my Grandpa about his Vietnam day's, if your iterested in that, then you should check it out again because I just did another with my Grandma about her expiriences on the home front and it provides another perspective. It's second or third post from the top at



Friday, March 03, 2006

Isolation and Snow

Tis been a fair time since I last posted, so, even though nothing truely amazeing has transpired (at least not that I recall at this moment), I deciced a short discourse would be acceptable.

This has been one of those lonely weeks when I go the entire span, from Sunday to Sunday without seeing anyone below the age of forty and above eight years old (my brother and sisters excluded, but there all younger than me). It happens all to often though. All my freinds are in the Church... which would be ok, but for the fact that Corning is twenty some miles away! And I'm home schooled so its not as if I see anyone at school. On top of that, we live on top of a hill in the absolute country and there aren't many other people around. So you see, when I see you guys is really the only time I ever see, let alone get to hang out with, anybody anywhere near my own age. I never really felt it too much until a year and half ago when I had to drop out of karate. Before that I always got to at least see people a couple times a week... even if I didn't really have many good freinds there, at least it was something. But now, alas, I am able to participate in very few things. And it dosn't appear that it is going to get any better since my parents have actualy decided to follow through on their age old threat of not letting me drive until I'm 18 or so. It's just because I'm the first out. Just watch, they'll start teaching Mattea to drive as soon as she's 16, but me, no way! And have I ever, ever even in my early chilhood acted in an iresponsible manner so as to deserve such probation? ................ thinking .............. if I have would some one please bring it to my attention because I'm comming up dry.

I guess this isn't really a short discourse, although by some standards it would seem to be.

Well, Mattea turned 13 this week, so if you haven't already you ought to wish her happy birthday.

School has been going as usual, sense of getting closer and closer to impending doom and all.

Really a good bit of a strom going on outside, Eh! Snow blowing and the wind howling! Just as it has been for the past two days.

Did any of you know that in Toronto Canada there is an international Rock, Paper, Scicers leugeu?

Look forward to seeing you all Sunday!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your grandchildren may read this

This morning, as I was doing school work, I just had a really cool and somewhat terriffing realization: These blogs are going to be around as long as the internet is! That means that fifty years from now, our grandchilderen may be reading these! For that matter, 100 years from now, after we are dead (at least most of us probably) people may still stumble across these and read them! I fact, I bet in the future, it will probably be home work for students to read blogs from people in the past and do reports on them. I mean talk about primary source documents galore!

I just had that thought and thought I might share it with you.

Van Drew

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hurricane-Blizard-Building-Destroying Thingy.

Hey, checking in from my Grandpas computer. It was a really windy day today. It was really strange because it was this beutiful blue sky with white puffy clouds and bright sunshine. But down here on the ground there were like 40 mph winds and 25 degree temps and it was so windy that my grandpas steel garden shed that he's had since before I can remember got ripped to pieces right before our eyes! Their bird feeder lost it's roof, and that little cuoupolow thing that sits on the roof over the family room got it's roof torn off and dropped into the flowerbed and there are about a million limbs down. And all while my parents are in Vegas. I was up to my house once today and it looked alright though.

So, I hope you are all ok. Any of you get the wind?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

School, Olympics, Los Vegas and Mounties

Got cought by these guys while north of the border. Scary, Eh!

I'll be spending the next few day's at my Grandparents house. My Dad and Mom are off to Vegas (don't ask, it's a long story) with the Micheljohns. Fortunetly, my Grandparents live just down the road, do I'll actualy be spending some of my time back here at the house. I don't know if I'll be able to get my computer working off my Grandpas network, so if I don't, I'll probably be spending a lot of the daytime up here since I need a computer for most of my school work.

So I did bunch of Advanced Aviation Science today, and did well on the end of chapter quize. That's because it was mostly just memorizing rules and protocal. It's all of the graph work that usualy gets me.

I think I want to start my own business. I simply can't think of any thing that I'd want to major in, so, since that's what my Dad does, I may just try it as well.

But this is just idol thought, so....

The Olympics are rather interesting this year. I guess the down hill people didn't know what they were asking for when they said that the course at Salt Lake was too easy! There have been so many accidents! Did you see that one girl on our team who's name I can't remember, fly like 10 feet up in the air, come down into a split and fly off the side of the track and through the snow fence! I was really impressed that she was back on the track tonight. And now Apolo Antwan (however you spell that) is back in competition too. I was really happy to see that. Wasn't are figure skater that came in second last night really wierd though! Not that I really wish to give him to much credit, but I was sorry to have him representing the U.S.

Got a lot of school yet to do this week. I have to do an essay question this week for history. And all my essays have really sucked ever since I've had to start writing them under the half hour time limit and without any prior research. I'm afraid it may start affecting my grade soon. But then, I believe they are graded on a curve, and there are others in my class who havan't been doing so well either to say the least, so perhaps it shant be to bad. But there are some people in there that can write like, a thousand word essay in under the time and have it be really good. I think I'm more around three hundred words, and it's something short of elequent.

Just thinking about all the school I have coming up nearly makes me sick! I have my ten page paper for the PA homeschool diploma program, I have an Bio essay due for AP history. I still need to do more with Aviation Science. And then theres debate and the SAT and lots of crazy stuff of that kind. And now I've been falling behind in my regular studies because of concentrating so much on the AP stuff.


Guten Nacht

Van Drew

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Winter Games

Had fun watching the Olympics last night. Lot's of crazy stuff going on! First, that morning, Michelle Kwen dropped out, which was perfectly shocking! Then Bodey Miller and his partner did an unexpectedly poor job on the Alpine (the French took Gold! Who could have known?). Then, horror of horrors, Apollo, our best speed skater wiped out on his qualifying run! I don't know why he had to tried to pass that Chinese guy! He didn't need to win, just finish in the top three or so, which he have done, but for trying to pass, catching his hand on the Chinese guys blade, and flying off to the side. In all, it would have been a disapointing day for the U. S. but for the usual triumph on the pipe. Shaun White, "The Flying Tomato" almost didn't qualify on his first run, but he managed to pull it off and win gold. The United States took both Gold and Silver in that event. Not quite like the last time in Salt Lake, but a triumph none the less. Still can't believe that about Apollo though.

The weeks started up again. Typical week as far as school goes. I just got signed up for the S.A.T. so if you could all start praying for me now, that would be greatly apreiciated ; ).

My partens and the Micheljohns are going to Los Vegas later on this week for a busines meeting with the managment of the company that supplies my Dad with wood stoves. They were none too happy when they learned it was going to be there, since they don't gamble, and, there are really very few things to do there if you don't (at least I've heard). But at any rate, that's were there headed.

I just watched the Walace and Gromit movie "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" for the first time and it was really funny!

Talk to you all later!


Friday, February 10, 2006

On Mattea's Blog

End of the week! Hooray! Actualy I'm not really done with school yet, but that will come. So... I got two comments on my last post. That's an improvement. Perhaps the flashy colors worked!

We are going to the Spanos tomorrow, which I am kind of exited about because I haven't been there is a rather long time.

I guess that's all. See you Sunday!

PS. I believe Mattea has posted something rather long and rather convicting on her blog about the importants of reading the Scriptures, so you might wish to check it out.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Blog Is Empty!

Is any body out there? I can't really tell any more. My last post was up for five days and it only got one comment! And my post that was up for three days before that didn't get any! That means only one comment on my blog in over a week! And my other two blogs haven't had any comments in a really long time. And the one that I did get on Blitzkrieg wasn't even from anybody I know! What is this world comming to! ; ) I think I may have to start going on the random peoples blogs and leaving comments and my blog address. Do you think my blog is boring? Maybe I should add some flashy colors.


Monday, February 06, 2006

The Random Weekend

Hooray! Pittsburgh won! We had a fun Superbowl party at the Snapps house yesterday. Before that I was at the Rawlieghs where we had drime practice, or should I say Silent Cry. we learned some new verses to the song that we've been working on (although I don't really remember them completely now). It went well, aside from that people kept accidentaly sticking their hand through the Rawleighs ceiling along with Adam trying to kill me from behind. From the there we ocasionaly went out, once to get waffle fries, the next time to get ice... ice, now that was an adventure! PJ suddenly decided that he new how to drive stick... and well.... Actualy he did fine (we only stalled out in spots that were at least sort of conveiniant).

So was it just me, or were the Superbowl comercials particularly dumb and uncreative this year? Ofcourse I didn't see very many of them. Mr. Snapp and the other adults who ocasionlaly had the remote were especialy warey of the inopropriet matierlial and kept changing the channal so that we could watch the most facenateing commentary on the book: The Cold War, a New History. Actualy I did find it at least vuagly interesting, but not to many others did.

Scores didn't get very high in the game either. I think the final score was something like ten to twenty. Not very much scoring took place at all, but then it has happened that way the last couple years. It's like teams are more evenly matched now. Well, there's the expert commentary from the guy who dosn't know anything about football, eh. Heck, the Superbowl is like the only game I watch!

Is S.O.S. this week? If not then I shall probably not see you, or anyone else in the outside world for that matter for the rest of the week.

So... how are all of you guys and girls who have been kind enough to read through this random and largly uninteresting blog doing?