Monday, December 26, 2005

A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas was wonderful this year! We had a great Christmas Eve service on Saturday (the school that we meet in wouldn't let us be there Sunday) in which Mr. Snap reminded us of the differences between Jesus and other earthly kings. Then we went to a Christmas party at the Lessos. The next morning we woke up and despite the 40 degree temps there was (and still is) snow on the ground! We oppened presents with my family and then ate breakfast. Then my Mom's Parents came up and we did presents with them. Then we went down the hill to my Dads parents... this is always my favorite part and had Christmas dinner with all (most anyways) of our relitves on the on the Wilber side of the Family. And there was Wassale!!! My favorite! Then we did Presents with them. We then watched the Princess Bride (I'm not sure what that has to do with Christmas... but it was still great).

Now I'm gonna have to have yall--- Ahh No! The Floridians and Georgians are rubbing off on me!--- to play video games... and go shooting if you should feel so inclined, because I've decided that I want to go shooting for some reason.

I guess that's all.

Merry Day after Christmas!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. nice one. "ya'll".

((they can't say it right in canada. it sounds so funny whenever they try.))

Delian said...

hahahaha... yeah, I say yall alot, both on computer and in life. So yeah, glad I've had some influence on you Andrew, lol. So if yall will let me I shall go to other peoples blogs ;)

mattea kiriel said...
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Andrew said...

Ok.... Do you mean to influence them, or to be influenced by them?

Tai Sophia said...

Princess Bride Rocks! (Exept for a scene they could have left out... or 2.)lol