Monday, December 12, 2005

A Very Full Weekend (for me at least)

A very full weekend (for me anyway's). On Saturday I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and drove three hour's to get to a debate tournament in Syracuse NY. It was my first time ever and I was morbidly nervouse! When we got there they asked us if we had ever debated before. My Partner, Whitiny had, but I hadn't (as I stated previously). Now my partener Whitiny had gone to a Debate Camp at Patrick Henery College... so for some reason the people there thought that we were like, experts. So when we walk in there they were like "I hope you don't mind, but we put you with some of our more advanced people today" I almost vommited. We went in and started and amazingly, it went ok. We did two rounds and then went back to Corning NY where we ate supper... and I made the mistake of having part of a Cafe Latte. Shortly after I arrived home I recieved new's that my neibor had killed a deer, and since he had already killed one this year, wondered if we wanted it, which my Dad said yes to. So he brought it down, and we hung it up with the skidsteer. That was kind of nice since I hadn't gotten anything this year and had not had a chance to go out that day (it was the last day of deer season). I prefer to shoot them myself... but at least we got something. Well, then I could not get to sleep because of the latte. So I played some computer games, listend to some music and finally, around 11:30 fell asleep. I had been up for nearly 20 hours strait! And debate isn't exactly a mentally soothing sport either! I woke up at 7:30 to go to Church arrived, hung a round for 45 minutes Ushered durring Worship, heard another remarkably good message from Mr. Snapp and went to the Rawlies for lunch. From there we went to the Victory Highway Christmas production (mainly to hear my cousin play violin.

Now hear is where it gets interesting. When we left for the show (there were like, twenty of us), the people in the other car got started rocking back and forth and looking at us like they were a lot cooler than us because they were. We were in a van (and most of us were somewhat smaller than the people in the car) so we could not preform the same stunt. There was only one thing to do! At the first stop sign we came to we stopped (ofcourse) through open the doors and conducted the most smashing Chinese Firedrill ever! Traffic was only stopped for about 30 seconds. The unfortunets behind us however, got in an amazing amount of honking in that amount of time though!

We contiued to the Show, made our donation to the food bank, and got in. The production was quite good. A first rate musicle with more singing than dialog. The only problem was that Del kept chortling at the most inapropriat times, which made me want to join in very badly too. Especialy in the seen where the Angle Gabriel is talking to Marry. Well in this play the Gabriel had a very, very deep voice. When it came to the part where Marry gets up off her knees and joins in the song, at the spot we were sitting in the auditorium, when she stood up she blocked our view of Gabriel. Well they both started singing at the same time and Gabriel's voice was so much louder than her's it drowned it out compeletly and in that moment, it looked, for all the world, like Marry was singing with a Male Baratone Bass Voice!

After this, we returned to the house to eat. Unfortunetly, the chicken that was supposed to be ready had never been cooked due to a crockpot malfunction. We went to McDonalds, and then too the Mall where we Watched the Chronicles of Narnia (which was phenominal by the way). Afterwords PJ said that he thought he looked like the grown-up King Peter. The rest of us however, concurred that he had far more resemblence to Thomnes the Fawn.

PJ then drove me home to PA where I have been since.

Fare Thee Well

Andrew the Exausted


Delian said...

haha... I can't believe that you wrote about me laughing at the 'unopportune' moments during the play! Dude, it was funny... plus at the end Chris kept trying to sing or something... it was funny (in almost a bad way) I couldn't help but laugh! Plus you know me I'm a blonde. Haha. But dude, I almost went deaf by the end between trying cover my ears without seeming rude when they were singing really loud plus I was straining my ears to try and hear you and Chris whispering in my ears at the most 'unopportune' moments! Ok... this is long enough. Tah tah.

Delian said...

Ha! First to comment!

bethany said...

second comment!!! this weekend was mad fun!!!